Thursday, April 13, 2017


        My basic overall heritage along with Austria and Ireland. All of which I stand for.

        Sweden. WTF. I wear a hammer of Thor in both tattoo and necklace. How the fuck are Swedes letting refugees damage there Country. Millennial's of Sweden its time you realize the importance of defending your heritage.
         The technology that exists is just video games. The real World is still 12 tribes and the leaders of the Nations are real World leaders. They make decisions to go or stop. Hate or love. Partner or Pirate. Constituents do not. Constituents have the power to step up and defend there thing which in this case is Nordic Pride not just for Sweden but Norway and yes, Finland, Greenland etc...The World.
         If its illegal to carry a weapon but you do and you save 100's or even one life to nonsensical brainwashed Idealists. Your a hero, and maybe weapons become the determent of crime. Be prepared.

        The Nordic pride within my soul is so ashamed of the pussification of Swedes by attempting allow love to non a compassionate civilization. A civilization on Earth that is, yes, refugees by rights of there own Leader. It is true that most refugees anywhere would like to go home. This is different because the refugees beliefs are basically old testament and most of the Western World is new testament. That's not a bad thing but sometimes the new and old contradict and that is where we have trouble excepting one and other.

         Now here is Oden, God. The one creator.

        " All religions are the same spoken through 12 separate tribes.

         Defend your homeland with the power of the Gods. All of them."

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This station is dedicated to music that's just fucking good to listen to... If you enjoy alternative rock, you should support what we do.  We have played unknown, deserving bands to audience that/which enjoy our efforts.  Thank you all for listening!

= L33

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The Fuzzy Duck on the Commercial Free Pluto Radio Stream...

Loaded this classic on the commercial free stream...

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The commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

Dexter Circus Orchestra here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.
Along with Red Water, Trigon, Stone Cold Boys, The Nothing Doers, The Song Butcher, Phil Melville, Tim Hosper, Stalker Kimmy, The Glenlivers, Tony Levin...  Amazing musical vibe, and the list goes on.

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Tony Levin on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

Just played some Tony Levin... Tony Levin, of Crimson, and Peter Gabriel, was one of the first to allow us to include his musical vibe here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  Always great to hear his music on"  - Lee

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Sorry earth humans...  Crisman was lost, now he is found.  The vibe will be tightened here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream!

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Pluto Radio # 00036

Okay, again, we are posting archival shows on YouTube.  The way YouTube seems to have it, their system, in place the bands we play within our shows appear to receive money from ads... Our commercial free stream has never taken a dollar from the shows we produce, and, we are delighted that when we post these Pluto Radio Archival Shows on YouTube, the music on our shows get payment sent to the bands within those shows, at least, the bands who have monetized there songs.  I do not fully understand the process, regardless, I do understand that musicians are getting paid for their efforts, which, is amazing.  Thank you YouTube for that!  Thing is...  whoever wants to listen to our post Pluto Radio # 00036, unfortunately, it has been restricted in Saint Pierre and Miquelon for reasons we are unaware of - our apologies to any of our listeners in those regions of the planet.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Late Great Keith Emerson...

Rock on brother...
"Karn Evil 9 is one of my most favorite songs ever.  Mr. Emerson was beyond any standard of musical play, and, we are fortunate to enjoy the music he has created for our entertainment."  - =-00  ZL: :LEE

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pluto Radio # 00025 w/ guest host Melina Renee

We gained listeners in Brazil and China this month.