Friday, July 27, 2012

Poolside Plano 7712 on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

Mr. Thomas Trapp brings his infamous PoolSide Plano back to the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...  With, yet again, an amazing radio presentation of relevant bands in the contemporary world of music - all deserving to be heard - on Saturday July 28th at 3pm Pacific Time.  This show will play in rotation every three hours through Monday morning...  Poolside Plano 7712 FEATURES THE MUSIC OF: Black Mountain, The Sheep Dogs, Blood Ruby, The Parsnip Revolt, Sara Peteit, Wolfhouse, and Cat McLean.  Radio deserving to be heard!

"Thomas brings a brilliant insight to the music scene here on the stream...  I thank him for jumping in with all of us.., the non-conforming...."  Lee-

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

THE DOTS - Alternative / Pop Punk / Powerpop

The Dots were simply the best band in New York City from the late seventies to the mid eighties. Led by guitarist Rick Garcia, a prolific songwriter who has been described as 'dangerously brilliant', the star of the band was lead singer Jimmi Quidd, formerly James Hatzidimitriou, who attended high school in Athens, Greece with rock solid bass player Leigh Sioris. These three made up the core of the Dots and were joined by a number of top NY musicians for different periods of the bands history including Alison East, Jimmy Agnello, Nat Seeley, Vinnie Signorelli, Billy Bell, Al Maddy and Jeff Formosa. Their songs were finely crafted punk-pop with clever lyrics and unforgettable hooks. With a sound like the Move at their best the band often opened with 'I Can Hear the Grass Grow' before crusing through a one hour set of perfect 3 minute songs, played at high volume and high energy. The Dots toured Germany several times where they were based in Berlin and very popular, putting out three albums there. RETURN OF THE DOTS, I CAN SEE YOU, and a live album from their last tour. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Monday, July 23, 2012

DEAR WOLF - Alternative / Pop / Rock

The Dear Wolf already with such diverse musicians such as Slash from Guns and Roses, the shared Queen drummer Roger Taylor, or even with underground greats like the Young Gods, the stage floor, is just now does not really matter, but it belongs to the history of the band and also shows a little of their character. The band from Krefeld was founded in 1988 and was one of the early nineties with the better known bands of the German indie scene. She earned through songs like "Summertime Train", "Mary Ann" or "Lost," a respectable cult status and even emerging at that time music channel MTV and VIVA did not pass the four.
Now, after almost 25 years with "Hello Stars," their seventh album - not much for such a long time and yet one can speak of continuity - and also of development. For between the rough Rohperlen the early years and recent albums are worlds apart and yet one hears unmistakable Dear Wolf - and like Alexander Classen in the preface said: "... one changes, develops and changes and even over time, your music evolve further, without forgetting their past and your own experiences and history can." (as compiled on the bands website)
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MY SLEEPING KARMA - Sound of Liberation

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates a significant impression by remaining silent.

My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the inTention of the debut album and it still remains. Guitar, bass and drums in love with a soundboard. My Sleeping Karma's album "Satya" released september 20th on Elektrohasch Records. And time is the major keyword in the context of "Satya". The conditioned mind is always moving between the past and future, and this movement activity creates the illusion of time. Use your illusion and you will discover the voice within. My Sleeping Karma is enlightment.

Now is the time to take it to the next level. My Sleeping Karma's new album "Tri" is out now on Elektrohasch Records. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

ABSENT ME - Alternative / Progressive / Rock

Formed in 2000 by Brian Rogers(singer), and Curtis Harvey(guitar), Absent Me is a 4 man Progressive rock band from Sacramento Ca. In 2002, the jazz sound was injected with the addition of Job(bass), only to complete the ultimate capabilities in 2004 when Don(drums) joined to write and record all new music for a full length L.P., entitled "Hate To Wake You" , released September 2006.

Brian developed his haunting mix of melody and primal scream after 8 years of vocal training, 13 years of composing, and co-founding the 90's alt rock band Above.  Don's been in the Sacramento scene since the late 80's with bands like I.G.D., Diesel, OTIS, F.R.E.D., BFE. and MDSO, he is a hard hitting drummer with thundering chops and a commanding presence on any stage.  Curtis has been formally trained in Jazz and Classical guitar styles, has been playing guitar for 19 years, and composing for 12. He has a Degree in Composition from the University of Oregon and is a combination of academic precision and soulful creativity.  Job is a bass instructor with 15 years playing rock & metal bass, and a Lifetime of freeform, abstract, and fusion-based jazz through Dallas and Austin, TX in the 90's until finally settling with Absent Me in 2002. He plays the bass with a unique multi-timbred right hand style that matches perfectly with the skull folding rhythms from Don, the huge waves and subtle sonic nuances of Curtis, and the gripping effect of Brians story-telling vocal style. (all as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cry Electrum @ Pluto Radio

"Cry Electrum is/was a band with very cool vibe..  I am glad to have the opportunity to play them on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream."  Lee-


.. ..
Saddly Cry Electrum is now over as dylan and rob head off to continue education, thanks to all who supported this band and our music, your what really matters in this whole thing 

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Member Since:

July 04, 2006


Tristan"Tom-Tom" Toye: the sticks .....

Zack"Colosus" Currie: lead guitar, backing vocals ...

Rob "Rupert" Sangster-Poole: bass, keys, backing vocals ...

Dylan Taylor: lead vocals, not-so lead guitar

Listen to Cry Electrum at


the stones, the who, the strokes, the high dials, arctic monkeys, bloc party, radiohead, the stills, sam roberts band, led zeppelin, free, bob dylan, matthew good (rob's music obsession), the beatles, the clash, stevie wonder, ben harper, list goes on and on

Sounds Like:

A leather jacket, three beers and a pool table

Record Label:

that would be nice

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anti - M on the commercial free Pluto Radios stream

no preview 


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anti-M is a Santa Barbara based mostly electronic rock band. While the band has been releasing albums since 1992 their main claim to fame is having a rather famous guest guitarist. Ronnie Montrose, known for forming the band Montrose and starting the career of singer Sammy Hagar, played on the band's second album "Positively Negative". The band also release a CD of instrumental remixes featuring alternate versions of the songs that Ronnie Montrose played on. The bands discography includes "No Waves in Hell", "Positively Negative", "It H-Hurts, the Instrumentals", A remastered version of "Positively Negative" that features two bonus track instrumentals that include Ronnie Montrose.[1]
The band's latest album entitled, "Damage", was released in 2008.This album features a guest performance by Bassist Tim Landers who has played with various talent includingTori AmosVince NeilStevie NicksAl Di Meola and Billy Cobham to name a few. The style of the album is dark and gothic with a mix of influences from bands like Within TemptationEvanescence and electronica like Depeche Mode.[2]


The band members are currently (2009)
  • Jon Moseley Guitarist (formerly of Santa Barbara-based band Psycho Graffiti with vocalist Jeffrey Winslow, who is now the lead vocalist for San Francisco Bay Area hard rockband Syrym (official site))
  • Barbara Moseley Vocals, Guitar, Bass
  • Ruston Slager Keyboards, Vocals Bass
  • John Wardlaw Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Bass

".. Got to dig Anti-M..."  Lee - 

Anti-M is an ever evolving collection of musicians with a vast assortment of musical influences.
Each project concept is spearheaded by Anti-M Co-founder John "Wedge" Wardlaw.
Wedge then surrounds himself with a collection of musicians whose talents fit the needs of the music.
From electronica to metal and female fronted gothic rock Anti-M continue to expand their musical horizon.
Founded by a trio of Keyboardists, Wedge, Ruston and Mark, along with Portland Oregon Guitarist Steve "Salty" Weber, released the bands first album, a synth heavy concept album called NO WAVES IN HELL
no waves in hell

Saturday, July 7, 2012

UNSUNG #0315 on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

Lee Crisman's UNSUNG 0315 goes up this Sunday, July 8th, 3pm Pacific Time on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...  Featuring the music of...

EOLUNE (E Oh Loon) - Glass Flower
FABRIC - Smiling
HEFEXOR - Fragile
REVEL HOTEL - All I Never Wanted
RORSCHACH (Zube Records) - The View From Here
THE TRIES - She Don't Wanna Sit Down By My Side On The Bus
METROPOL - Fiction
LEE NEGIN - From Whence

"Thank you to all the amazing musicians that let us play their music here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream....  My best from the great American desert."  Lee- or click the following URL to hear the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UNSUNG #0314

Lee Crisman's UNSUNG 0314 goes up this Monday, July 5th, noon Pacific Time on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...  Featuring the music of...
GEEZER - Underground
ELAN (AP)- Bad Days Are Gone
THIS HOLY HOUSE - Ballad of a Battle-Scarred Heart
FABRIC - Breakout
EOLUNE - City Cemetaries
FABRIC - Doors
GUERILLA TREE - My Lonely Pain
ANARCHITEX - Nightmares

"Thank you to all the amazing musicians that let us play their music here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream....  My best from the great American desert."  Lee- or click the following URL to hear the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lee Crisman's UNSUNG 0312 goes up this Monday, July 2nd, noon Pacific Time on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...  Featuring the music of...

JOHN LUDI - Powderfinger (along with comments)
ZELAZOWA - Spin That Trick (acoustic)
BLADE OF GRASS (ARIEL PR) - Dance to the Radio
THE TOLAND BAND - You Might Be Persuaded
RATTLIN BONE - Shoot Me Down
THI8 HOLY HOUSE - Three Pieces for the Devil's Chess Game
THOMAS TRAPP - Oppertunestic Slut
METROPOL - My Own Gravity

"Thank you to the talented bands that allow us to play their music on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  Collectively, we do make a brilliant difference in this f-ed up Q-factor world.  My best from the great American desert."  - Lee.