Saturday, October 31, 2015

MARQUIS OF VAUDEVILLE - A Musical Menagerie of Melodic Mischief

With the ambitious wish to propel the entire world into a melodic vortex, Marquis of Vaudeville emits an extraordinary sound that spirals listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. One never knows what moodswung journey they’ll embark upon once these musical highwaymen hijack their consciousness.

With imagination at it's core, the theatrical flare and intriguing nature of their ...songwriting has grasped the attention of music lovers from the most critical of music elitists to the average radio listener. Numerous music showcasing websites have seen Marquis of Vaudeville ranked within the top 10 of a variety of genres, most recently with the group taking the number 1 seat in Rock with "An Ordinary Day" on Internet and terrestrial radio such as Dallas' leading rock/alternative station 102.1 The Edge have also embraced their music and featured such songs as the dreamy and hope laden "Divine."  (as compiled on the bands website)

Friday, October 30, 2015

WHITE SHAG - Glam / Psychedelic / Rock

Imagine Janis Joplin possessed by Iggy Pop's soul and returning from the dead to front the freak love child of the Rolling Stones, Queens of the Stone Age and the MC5. That is White Shag. White Shag is high energy, female fronted, passionate rock with airs of Jimi Hendrix and Cream on electric guitar and a heavy handed and very primal John Bonham banging on drums. You have to see it to believe it. No videos or recordings do a live show justice and even then, you still can't believe it. White Shag currently parades in the depths of the Detroit metro area. (as compiled onthe bands website)

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW - Gothic Post Rock / Dark Alternative

Whispers in the Shadow was formed by Ashley Dayour (Voice, Guitars) back in the days of early summer 1996. The Band Name was inspired by a story from H.P.Lovecraft: The Whisperer in the Dark.After beginning as a very 80's inspired band, with drum computer sequences and a melodic bass guitar, this project turned into an individual band, which is now described by the press as "Post Gothic Rock". I
n the meantime the band has included a "real" drummer in their line-up and became famous for their obvious live qualities. The partly furious, partly sad guitars meet booming bass sounds, thunderous drums and psychedelic keyboards - Above all Ashley's voice, bursting with emotion. To date they released 6 studio, 2 live and 1 remix 

2012 saw the release of their 7th studio album THE RITES OF PASSAGE featuring an epic video to the titlesong and another European tour. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EARLSTOWN WINTER - Country / Folk Rock

Vancouver folk-country artists Earlstown Winter released their five-track EP, which plays much in the same vein of local group Eldorado with their brand of sweet-loving country music. The opening track, “Porch Lights”, is a slow burning moody ballad about lost love. It has a gentle, rolling, organic feel that is a perfect introduction to the band. Porch Lights is a very laidback affair. Each song is stripped back in terms of sound, but they don’t suffer for it. Singer-songwriter Jonathan Truefitt makes it all worth listening to. Truefitt has such a unique voice that one must hear to believe, as nothing is really comparable to it.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HYPNOS 69 - Opening the Floodgates!

Legacy of Hypnos 69
Interview by Nikola Savic

Nick: I have to say that you did hell of a good job with the new album and I find it interesting in every way. How is it when the time comes to create something new? Is there more focused creative energy in the writing process or are you always surrounded by inspiration?

Steve: Inspiration is a difficult issue. Ideas are something so fragile, that they easily tend to get lost or forgotten, because at the time you have them, you’re either not able to record them or write them down, or don’t seem to be interesting enough at a certain point. I try to collect as much ideas as possible and keep them somewhere safe, so when the time comes to write, I am prepared. I always take my time to write. I lock myself in a room with my piano and guitar, and don’t do anything else until I have worked something out. This is the basic structure, chords and melodies, which later on when I present it to the rest of the band, can be altered in various ways. And this is what makes the sound of Hypnos 69.

Nick: How would you describe Hypnos 69’s music on your own? I do not ask for generic labels. If there’s a word that fits well to your music, what that would be?

Steve: ‘Musical allegories’. The music embodies the initial meaning of the songs.

Nick: What have you been listening to recently?

Steve: Been listening a lot to Bach’s ‘Mattheus Passion’, I like the new Joanna Newsom triple album and I have Pentagram’s ‘First Daze Here’ in the CD-player.

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Monday, October 26, 2015


Evercrest came into existence in 2006, when Barry Himel merged his Passion for Hard Rock, metal and Industrial techno into his ideal band. Like his influences Pantera,Sabbath,Zeppelin,Metallica, ... Evercrest features blazing riffs, Heavy vocals, and a Hi-NRG Live show suited for the Ever changing world Of Rock Music. )as compiled ont he bands website)

Band Members:  Barry, Jason and Toe

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

BLOOD RUBY - Female-Fronted Atmospheric Alternative Music.......

...........somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal, and neoprogressive rock

Thomas and Cynthia met online in early 2001. For over a year, they collaborated long distance on fledgling demo tracks, getting together once every few months to record. To evoke the rich, deep, shimmering, shadowy, multifaceted sound to which they aspired, they named the project after the most rare and valuable gem in the world, the blood ruby. 

By early 2002, Blood Ruby had released several demo songs on a handful of online music sites. Cynthia launched the band's marketing campaign and began building the website. Thomas moved to Connecticut to work more collaboratively on the music. In 2003, Cynthia's former bandmate, Margaret Browning, joined the band and the core creative lineup of Blood Ruby was finally complete. The band's sound evolved as the three began writing and recording new, more ambitious material. (as compiled on the bands website)
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

ALLGOOD - Rock and Roll

Allgood, originally called Allgood Music Company, was originally based out of Athens, GA from 1988 - 1995. Through constant touring, the band grew a following throughout the US. Endless gigging, constantly changing set lists and long improvisational jams gave the band their chops. Eight years of touring, four records and thousands of passionate fans later the band decided to call it quits in 19

The band reformed briefly in 2006, with three members of the original lineup, and played two sold out shows in Columbus and Athens GA.  In July of 2010 Allgood headlined the BRAGG Jam Festival in Macon GA, playing to a capacity crowd at the magnificent Capitol Theater.   Allgood is currently booking dates, writing songs and plans to release more music for download and purchase. 
(as compiled on the bands website)

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Friday, October 23, 2015

SOCIAL END PRODUCTS - Neo Psychedelia - Folk - Acid Punk

Social End Products:  "we live in the psychedelic jungle, we feel like snakes, we eat stuff on the sidewalk".
Band Members:

STA: lead vocals-drums
MAN: guitar-vocals
THEMOS : bass-vocals
DIMITRIS : guitar
(as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Fractured Existence was formed in 1988 byKen Hill (Lead Guitar), Bruce Bogad (Rhythm Guitar) & Dave Ashworth (Bass). Armed with a revolving door of singers and drummers,the band played extensively in their hometown of Richmond, Va. and surrounding areas for the next four years. With the focus on original Heavy Rock & Metal, they released several demos. Good reviews and word of mouth landed them an opening slot for fellow Richmond natives Gwar, but within a year the band split up. Bruce, Dave and Ken moved on to other bands but always stayed in touch. Fractured Existence reunited in early 2005, With Ken taking on the lead vocal duties. The band released their first official album in 2006, and they are still rockin'! (as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UNIFIED PAST - Progressive Rock

Unified Past is the best kept progressive rock secret in The United States. Featuring a guitarist with a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, a bass player who has toured with numerous bands and musicians for the last thirty years and is currently a member of Joey Belladonna’s Chief Big Way, and a thunderous drummer, with a Drum Corps background, who has also appeared on several independent artist releases, there is most certainly plenty of chops to be found in this band’s music. But as powerful as this band can be, their overall sound focuses more on melody and song composition than it does on technical gymnastics.

Unified Past is set to release their 6th CD in their catalogue, “Spots”, on Melodic Revolution Records (MRR CD 22005) in the late spring of 2013 and it will be their most gripping recording yet that promises to connect to all fans of progressive rock.
Blending seventies style progressive rock with modern day progressive influences, Unified Past manages to create a unique and identifiable sound. If you are a dedicated fan of progressive rock music then Unified Past is for you. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TWIZZLE - Indie / Lounge / Pop

After a seemingly random sonic collision over the city of Heidelberg in late 2008, the constellation of *Buddha Sentenza* began to form during the darkest hours of that cold and silent winter. Deep under the earth, in the hidden bowels of the Klonlabor tunnel complex, the searing strings and pounding drums condensed rapidly to form a nebulous cloud of loosely jammed, spaced-out, rocking riffs. Rotating freely around some of the most ancient soundscapes – from the astral end of the Pink Floyd to the depths of distant galaxies such as Black Sabbath – Buddha Sentenza has continued to expand while drawing energy from contemporary constellations. (as compiled on the bands website)

Buddha Sentenza are:
General Punishment – Guitar
Baa Baa Blacksheep – Guitar / Violin
Munro Merthahens – Bass
Jesus Malverde – Drums / Percussion
Pontifex Maximus – Organ / Synthesizer

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Monday, October 19, 2015


Caffè Victoria is a pop rock band, Franco-Italian. 6 friends offer a powerful, sensual and dynamic rhythms, soul-inflected. With a single message: enjoy the moment

Victoria Caffè is composed of Clement Chastagnol (keyboards), Nicolas Courtiade (bass) Leo Goizet (drums and percussion), Mark Heneghan and Vayno Lorenzo (guitar & vocals) all former students of the Ecole Centrale Lyon and Nicolas Catanese (vocals) former student at EDHEC.  Divided between Paris, Lyon and Hamburg, the band is currently recording with the obvious influences, Keziah Jones, John Mayer, Queen, Red Hot sound more "Rhodes" keyboard Clement.The new LP will be available in January. The group also represent the platform Jamendo January 28th MIDEM in Cannes. 5 titles Busy days is available for download on Jamendo and Soundcloud.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

JONNY VINAL - Rock / Americana

I play in a band called RACK EM LETS GO! we play rock n rule reggae party soul! WE Rock! and I llike to make all kinds of music all the time . I play solo acoustic and with with other playin blues and country/bluegrass. I played in high school with a band called Spiral Tide for 3 years playing partys, and clubs around boston, cambridge and Newton, and up to Montpelier and Burlington VT. Then went to music school and met my fellow bandmates. But I thrive in backyard bbqs and to house partys and still feel fine under the light in club, bar and cafe. (as compiled on Jonny Vinals' webpage)

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

REDWATER - No Limits

There is a part of the population that is yearning for what is true in this life. People that WANT to wake up from the coma of illusion that has been forced upon us by many external forces. Can it be possible anymore in a world of increasingly forced and processed thought, that music SHOULDN'T be made and tested for the sole reason of becoming a product to sell to the masses?

Four individuals that bring every conceivable emotion that is in ones soul to the music they create...They go by the name....REDWATER. In the simplest sense, they are a rock n' roll band that has an undying drive to create & to explore. There are no limits, and that's the way they like it. (as compiled on the bands website)
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Friday, October 16, 2015

ADRIAN AND THE SICKNESS - Opening for Concrete Blonde @ Emo's East

Adrian and the Sickness is an undeniable front of infectious pop concoction wrapped around electric, bombastic rock and roll. They have been wowing live audiences with sweet melody and sheer sonic power since their debut in February 2004.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

RATTLIN BONE - Alternative / Blues / Rock

Wily Bo Walker (The Heartbeats, The Baddies, 100 Men, The Flaming Hearts) teams up with Demon Bone Player L'il Neill (Soultax) and Karena Kelly (The Vampirettes) for some Bone Shakin, Soul Quaking Toons................Walkin That Darker Path (as compiled on the bands website)
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PLASTIQUE NOIR - Gothic/Post Punk

Plastique Noir is a Brazilian band born in the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 at Fortaleza-CE-Brazil, whose current members are Airton S (voice/electronics), Márcio Mäzela (electric guitar) and Danyel (bass/guitars). Suddenly it got notoriety at its homecity, where its gigs became habitual in the main local nightclubs and festivals. It has been invited yet in its early months for doing the opening act for Cruxshadows (USA) Brazilian Tour and other performings through several Brazilian states.

Still in its debut year, the band launched two releases: a demo CD-R named "Offering" (rare item) and "Urban Requiems" EP (distributed by the german netlabel AF Music). This last one received nice comments by famous medias in the genre, for example, the Portuguese magazine Elegy Iberica and Mick Mercer's Live Journal, world reference in the goth culture.

In 2010, the band was invited as the opening act for the Frozen Autumn's only performing at Brazil and, in the end of that same year, started the production of its second album, titled "Affects", released in 2011 by Wave Records with wordlwide distribution. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

VESTASCENSION - Rock / Progressive Rock / Post Rock

A band bio? No, thank you. It takes only a few seconds of clicking through websites and social-networking pages to witness the hilariously overinflated bios of what seem like a billion bands all vying for your attention and hard-earned dollars. They boast about all kinds of redundant accomplishments and exaggerated reviews and chart positions. They proudly list each and every member (names that mean nothing to you) and every previous band they ever played with (all ones you've never heard of or are D-list at best). If this band has John from "Deathgrinder" and Billy from "Skullraper," does it really make the music stand out and draw you in? No. Do YOU care? No. Don't feel bad because you're not alone.
The truth is NOBODY cares. While all these bands are pushing their "new album you just gotta have" and racking up MySpace, YouTube, SoundClick, and friend counts using automated play boosters, friend adders, and every other type of heinous software out there, it's easy to see that something has been lost along the way. It's all about chart numbers, Soundscan, that three-minute song with the huge hook, or being a "star." It's not about music anymore; it's about money - and it's been that way for years. What used to be only a part of the mainstream pop industry has seeped into every other genre in music. Too much time is spent trying to fit into a mold you think will sell, too much time making a "perfect" album abused with Autotune and processed to the point that it's completely lifeless, and just not enough time being "real." It's all wrong. Do you REALLY wonder why people aren't buying albums anymore?

So, what is Vestascension? Simply put, it's a group of close friends that have set out to make music we would enjoy listening to.   Instead of taking this bio to tell you what we think we are, we'll tell you what we know we are not. We're not asking for your money. We're not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. We don't preview one single in hopes you will buy our album filled with nine other crappy tracks. We give you all of it. For free. We just hope you enjoy the songs as much as we enjoy creating them. If we happen to start collecting a few fans along the way, then that will be amazing. We're honored to have you listening. What else is there to say? Nothing.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Monday, October 12, 2015

ADMIRAL TWIN - Rock / Power Pop / Indie Pop

Pop-rock trio Admiral Twin (named after a landmark drive-in theater in their hometown of Tulsa, OK), has built a loyal international fan base with their harmony infused, three-minute rock explosions and eccentric pop experimentation. Their latest release, The Center of the Universe, features the singles "In My Veins" and "Good as Gold"…with a sound that ranges from Fountains of Wayne to The Beatles to Wilco. (as compiled on the bands website)
Admiral Twin members:
Jarrod Gollihare, John Russell, Mark Carr

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Time and Energy

Members: Jorge Rios - Instruments, Vox Brennan Roach - Instruments Loop Pedals - Boss RC 50, RC 2O, RC 2. Line 6 Modular
Genre: Loop based rock
Hometown: Santa Ana

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pass of Era ..

Pass of EraLike all music you and I have ever enjoyed, Pass of Era seeks to move you from this world into the visceral realm of human emotion - a place where you can fully immerse yourself in a journey that builds it's own reality as time moves forward. That feeling of discovery and passion is why we are here - to write - to perform - to listen - to share. This is the world built by three young musicians from Edmonton, Alberta. This is the story of Pass of Era.
The group is currently nearing the release of their debut EP titled "The Scripted Dream" (slated for a January, 2011 release) whilst beginning work on their first full length concept album and preparing to hit the scene and bring their story to the stage.  (per band's webpage

Friday, October 9, 2015



The Nothingdoers are a Moscow band formed in 2004 by Igor Ivanov (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and George Manaev (guitars, bass, vocals), also known by monikers Harry Johnson and George Manson, respectively. The Nothingdoers play contemporary folk-rock oriented music with English lyrics.

Because of the appalling situation with independent music recordings in Russia, The Nothingdoers cling to the principles of DIY in their recordings and in the process of album promotion, so they still remain unsigned and plan to continue releasing their future recordings under the Creative Commons license.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


AISLES are a promising, young band, formed in 2001 with a strong desire to find their own identity. To this end they have successfully incorporated visual and conceptual elements to their music that lend it an emotional depth.  In 2003 the band began work on their demo, aiming to travel to Europe with it in search of backing to produce and publish their music. Having achieved such a high quality of... sound, they decided to use it as their first record. In 2005 “The Yearning” was born, and was consequently published and distributed in Europe, the United States and Japan.  Rave reviews appeared worldwide highlighting the sensitivity and originality of their music and the band realised that it was necessary to base themselves in Europe in order to be able to reach their artistic potential.
In 2007 the seeds of the album “In Sudden Walks” were sown. Production lasted over a year, a result of the collaboration of talented individuals including the best technicians, gifted musicians and a few selected guest artists. The record was mixed and sent for mastering to Gateway Mastering Studios, one of the most acclaimed mastering studios in the world.  Once again, the quality of both the music and the production of “In Sudden Walks” caught the attention of the music press. AISLES were nominated for the Prog Awards (Italy) in the Best Foreign Record category, no mean achievement given the strong history of Italy’s progressive music. (as compiled on the bands website)

The future looks bright for AISLES!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zita Swoon.

Zita Swoon was born in Antwerp during the nineties of the previous century. It is a collective formed around Stef Kamil Carlens who writes lyrics and music, sings and plays instruments. Piercing songs with a groove and a band that never does repeat itself live is their trademark. From absurd funk to traditional singer-songwriting, with here and there a dash of folk, blues and eighties disco. 

Zita Swoon is a cosmopolitan group of Antwerp internationalists. They each carry their own baggage and share it with the other members of the band. They also involve other artists from other disciplines: choreographers, dancers and theatre people. Together they form a new lab for scene productions of hybrid performances. In that same lab new songs are born. (as compiled on the bands website).

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Sunday, October 4, 2015