Friday, July 31, 2015

Katrin the Thrill .
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ghosts of Eden .

Wendigo Productions presents Ghosts of Eden w/ Killcode!
Saint Vitus Bar
1120 Manhattan Avenue (Greenpoint BK)
Brooklyn, NY
Friday, September 30 · 7:00pm - 11:30pm

Fresh off our sold out record release show at Mercury Lounge on July 8th, we will bring the rock...and that tingling sensation in your loins!

GoE has been invited to open up the show which will surely sell out so bring your devil horns and a change of clothes!

Doors at 7pm. GoE at 8pm!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tenpenny Joke .

Formed in Melbourne, Australia, Tenpenny Joke have built a huge following after years of stellar live performances and successful independent releases. Their music has been featured as the soundtrack to various surf/skate DVDs and is aired regularly on Australian radio, while their music videos, are available on YouTube and have frequently been seen on Australian TV. The band released their debut album, 'Ambush On All Sides.'and features 15 killer tracks and has been receiving an excellent local and international response. Fiercely original while recalling elements of Zeppelin, Floyd, Alice In Chains, Sabbath, Tool & various rock greats, it offers something for everyone with a taste for powerful melodic rock (as compiled on the bands website)
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Unified Past ..

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Transisters ..

THE TRANSISTERS  New Album out now!
  Again , exactly the sort of thing the commercial free Pluto Radio stream is all about, diverse music from every corner of the planet..  "Dig the vibe.."  - Lee.

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    THE TRANSISTERS  New Album out now!
  • Genre: Garage / New Wave / Post punk
    Location IT
    Profile Views: 115335
    Member Since 9/23/2005
    Record Label SCRIVEREMALE-GoodFellas (Germany)
    Type of Label Indie{%22ImageId%22%3A66676794}

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Redwater .

There is a part of the population that is yearning for what is true in this life. People that WANT to wake up from the coma of illusion that has been forced upon us by many external forces. Can it be possible anymore in a world of increasingly forced and processed thought, that music SHOULDN'T be made and tested for the sole reason of becoming a product to sell to the masses?

A group of people that came together to break out of this mediocrity and suffering who are not afraid to take chances on any level--Adventurous song structures, diverse & eclectic sound, going wherever the music takes them but still keeping focus on melody and emotion--A group of musicians fully engaged in pushing the evolution of music while still keeping a solid footing in what has come before.

Four individuals that bring every conceivable emotion that is in ones soul to the music they create...They go by the name....REDWATER. In the simplest sense, they are a rock n' roll band that has an undying drive to create & to explore. There are no limits, and that's the way they like it.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Zombies of the Stratosphere have jumped into the mix..!

Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock from this New York based group.
Our heroes met at University, where they were bitter rivals. Years later, they found themselves in New York City, beavering away in dusty corners of the Great Media Behemoth: J put in time at a literary agency and studied the mystical art of making records while slaving as a sound engineer at various hip recording studios about town, while A avoided sunlight as a film archivist and curator at a br...oadcasting museum. Both had unsatisfying tenures in doomed rock combos where they nevertheless honed their musical skills. Each fancied himself a songwriter in the classic pop mode and pursued the elusive art with uncommon zeal, resting only for massive infusions of film noir and comic books.

It was inevitable that they join forces and continue in the tradition of their idols Ray Davies, Elvis Costello, and Brian Wilson, i.e., churning out gem-like compositions with maddeningly infectious tunes and obscure lyrics while failing to deal with their crippling emotional problems.

Praise for the album, "The Well-Mannered Look" (2007):

"...extremely catchy, jangle-guitar pop with hooks that recall classic ’60s rock bands like the Kinks... On their latest album, The Well Mannered Look, Zombies of the Stratosphere offer a mix of smartly crafted and addictive songs." - NPR’s Second Stage 11/26/07
Host Robin Hilton says the title track "has one of the catchiest and most addictive melodies I’ve heard all year."

"...The bottom line is that if it were 1969 and we were on Carnaby Street, these guys would be gods." - Absolute Powerpop CD of the Day 5/3/07
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Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock
J Zombie, A Zombie
New York, New York
Record Label
Crane Shot
beatles, beach boys, kinks, elvis costello, neil young, burt bacharach, the who, the rolling stones, bob dylan, the brill building, motown, stax, david bowie, the zombies, the byrds, todd rundgren, the bee gees, america, abba and the rest...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Feens on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream .

Originating from Hamburg Pennsylvania, TheFeens started when four musicians got together after playing with individually successful projects. They have very diverse backgrounds which contribute greatly to their purist rock and roll sound. 

Think of 1972, Quentin Tarantino and muscle cars encompassed with the musical backdrop of these guys. The riffs they create growl, steaming with an undercurren
t of bottom end ferocity. TheFeens take rock and roll to contemporary levels, yet still stay true to the classics. The band is in it's infancy, only 8 months old, yet has recieved gig spots with some of the countries hot acts. 
Currently, they are packing local venues and creating a buzz on the internet. Due to their viral marketing campaigns and social media networking, they have attracted, in only six months, a whopping 12,000+ friends on Myspace. They have reached number One on Reverbnation local charts and recently have opened for KISS at Hershey Stadium. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Geezer on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream .

Geezer on Pluto Radio .

Friday, July 24, 2015

24 Broken Amps on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

24 Broken Amps are an out-and-out grunge/punk band that have stomped into the space where no-one was treading in a scene that's been deadening under the lightweight of jangly indie synthy stuff. Delving into the past for moods where needed, and into presentlives for inspiration, they have unashamedly set themselves apart from those around, spilling an energetic buzz, at once melodious and caustic (as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Black Lies .

"It's always great to play The Black Lies on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream!"  -  Lee

  • Genre: Alternative / Indie / Post punk
    Location London, Please select your region., Un
    Profile Views: 41074
    Last Login: 1/14/2013
    Member Since 3/20/2007
    Type of Label Major

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Dark Globes..

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"Electric.., perhaps somewhat goth.., yes, psychedelic for certain.., THE DARK GLOBES put out an enjoyable musical vibe."  -  Lee Crisman.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Micky Strange on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream .

I am that which I am
A changing thing indeed
And while I am that which I am
I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are
I recognize that there are not two of us that are the same
I recognize that we have many differences
I recognize that there are things that are similar
There are things that are even same
And in all of our sameness
And in all of our differences
I find joy :)  (as compiled on Mickey Stranges' webpage)

Read more:  www.reverbnation/mickeystrange

Monday, July 20, 2015

Zero Point Field

  • Genre
    Instrumental Prog Rock Jazz Funk Fusion
  • Hometown
  • Record Label
  • Short Description
    London based Prog-Jazz-Rock-Funk band
  • Bio
    est. 2013
  • Current Location
  • General Manager
    Cyril Meleiro
  • Artists We Also Like
    Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd
  • Phone
  • Email

Sunday, July 19, 2015
The Girl On A Paper Boat - EP cover art
The Girl On A Paper Boat album was recorded in Moscow in February 2013
Inna Pivars - vocal
Kirill Bezrodnykh - guitar
Rafkat Badretdinov - drums, keyboards, perc.,noise
Roman Sheletov - bass
Keat Tikhones - keyboards
lyrics - Andrey Anisimov
music - Kirill BezrodnYkh (Mikhailov)
Studio engineering - Ilya Iskevich
Recorded by Alexander Bochko Studio



Saturday, July 18, 2015

Walking My Devil on Pluto Radio

  • Genre
    Alternative Rock
  • Walking my Devil
    Band Members
    Victor Svantesson
  • Email
  • Other Accounts

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Destination Space Staion on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

Destination Space Station
Members: Alex Beaven, Mason Brown, Jim Hughes
Genre: Alternative Rock
Hometown: St. Louis

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mr. Greensnake

Mr. Greensnake is an alternative rock music band from the United States. The band’s line-up consists of Albert Steppi (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, songwriter) and Jeremy McNabney (drums, guitars, keyboards, bass, producer). The band is currently seeking musicians for online collaboration projects. If you are interested in adding your talents to the Mr. Greensnake band or would like to use Mr. Greensnake’s music in your project contact the band via email or through the band’s social network links

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wily Bo Walker and Friends...

  • Genre
    Blues/Rock/Soul/Traditional R&B/Jazz/Soundtrack/Gypsy/Swamp/Burlesque
  • Band Members
    Wily Bo Walker and friends…

  • Hometown
  • Record Label
    Flaming Hearts Records / Mescal Canyon Records
  • Short Description
    Solo Artist, Songwriter, Composer and Frontman with his bands ‘Rattlin Bone’ and ‘The Mescal Canyon Troubadours’
  • Bio
    Wily Bo Walker is a solo artist, songwriter, composer and performer noted for his characterful vocals and swaggering 'live' ... See More
  • Current Location
  • General Manager
    Wily Bo Walker
  • Artists We Also Like
    Robbie Robertson, Nina Simone, The Heavy, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Howlin Wolf, Leonard Cohen, Warren

Monday, July 13, 2015


On July 15, 2014, Los Angeles based rock band Fantazzmo released their new 5 song EP entitled, "Child of the Sun," featuring the new single, "Lil Devil Stare."  In order to promote the release, Fantazzmo will be embarking on a three week Summer Tour which cluminates in a 16 night residency at the world famous One Eyed Jack's Saloon, located in Sturgis, South Dakota during the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  The band will also be stopping by several of their favorite venues, such as Samuel Brewskies in Park City, KS and the Candle Club in Wichita, KS.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Melinda Ligeti, composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer, was born on January 2, 1978, in Pančevo, Serbia. She gets her first violin lessons at the age of 6, sMelinda Ligetiharing an early passion for piano, singing, guitar and composing. At the age of 16 she passes the entry exams for composition and orchestration department at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She graduated with highest grade in 2002, under Professor Vlastimir Trajković (ex student of Olivier Messiaen) and Isidora Žebeljan. Besides the above mentioned instruments she plays flute, bass, glockenspiel...

Melinda's music interests expand in lots of directions (classical, jazz, ambient, experimental, avant-garde, pop, electronic...), working on solo projects as well as different collaborations.
Her first band was Cartoon Sky, formed in the 90’s (together with Nenad Simić, Marija Ligeti Balint, Petar Uzunović / Dušan Došen and Bojan Dimitrov). It was heavily influenced by Cocteau Twins, with jazzy pop flavor, and simple structures. They performed several concerts, and had their appearance on the Serbian National TV.
She formed and took active part in few bands that had been performing her nu-jazz compositions (with Borivoj Nikolić, Milan Đorđijevski, Vladan Stojanov, Milan Despotovski, Ljuba Milošević, Rodoljub Katić, Milan Gašpar, Nikola Inić, Željko Jevtović and Nenad Živanov).

Friday, July 10, 2015


  • Rock
  • Band Members
  • Hometown
    Cambridge, UK
  • Record Label
    Moonlix Records
  • Short Description
    All girl rock band
    From Cambs, UK
  • Long Description
    Rock band
  • Bio
    Kyneska was formed in 2011 from the members of Emerald Sky.
    The girls have previously supported Wishbone Ash, Girlschool, ... See More
  • Current Location
  • Influences
    Muse, Rush, Symphony X, Guns N Roses, Enya

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Narrow Plains.

Narrow Plains
  • Genre
  • Band Members
    Charlie Ferriday (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Connick (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals), Stuart Connick (Drums, Backing Vocals)
  • Hometown
  • Record Label
    Smart Indie Records
  • Short Description
    Download our EP and brand new single on itunes

    For bookings email

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Vacuous Heart.

We'll be featured in the Simon Raymonde Show on amazing radio! The show is broadcasted tonight at 7pm GMT at
If you miss the show you can listen again via the Amazing Rewind service on Tuesday at

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Grand Astoria - amazing.

Cover Photo
 This is an amazing band - kind enough to allow us their music on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream .. "  - Lee
The Grand Astoria shared a link.
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Poolside Plano #7115 on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..

Poolside Plano show #7115 is currently in three hour rotation on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream and will play through the day of July 8th  (that's this Wed).  This show, hosted by Thomas Trapp, features the music of the following bands/musicians.

The Vacuous Heart – House of Love
The Scaramanga Six - I Will Crush Your Heart
Colour Haze (via Zygmatron Promotions) – Circles
Colour Haze – the Highest Gods We Know
Colour Haze – Call
Cloud Map – the Wrong Evolution
Cloud Map – Old Friends
Black Angel – Confused
Black Angel – Go For It
The Sycophants – Nuclear Meltdown
Where Fires Are – Good Luck
Where Fires Are – the Joys

Monday, July 6, 2015


Swirl is the new age of rock. They surpass the bands from earlier decades and have created a new look and sound for today’s rock music. Their songs are crisp and full of emotion. They are also catchy tunes with sustainability. They are full of radio friendly tunes, thick with rhythmic movements and hooks - need I say more? My personal interpretation of these songs are a plethora of sensations and dynamic high lights that need to be experienced by each one of us.

In Mukilteo, Washington, brothers Duane and Brian Jones (DT and Bam-Bam, respectively) started the group Swirl. They released a CD, toured the United States and went to Japan in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s. In 2004 Fred Coury remixed songs from their first CD. With the insertion of band members Al Ramirez (lead singer) and Shane Carlson (bass) in 2008, the group finally had their ducks in a row and began their quest to deliver their music to the masses.

Between October 23, 2008 and present, Swirl has performed with Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy, Britny Fox, Bullet Boys, RATT, Extreme, Pat Travers, L.A. Guns or Souls of We. Swirl have performed in almost every state of our union and have been endorsed by companies such as Charvel Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Mesa Engineering, Seymour Duncan, Spectraflex, Excetelyne, Spector, Yamaha, Super Naturals, Dean Markley Strings, Furman Sound and Pickboy. They will continue to tour to promote this and upcoming projects. (as compiled from the bands website).

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

CRAVING DAWN - Alternative Rock from Boise!

October 2008, Bill Waugh had completed a solo album under the name "Mox Pablo". With a desire to perform the music live, Val Sinco and Brian Waugh teamed up with Bill as vocalists and started practicing as the Mox Pablo band. With a few additional musicians coming and going along the way, the band had a rough start. Brian picked up the bass guitar and Lindsey Waugh came in as the manager. Percussion was missing again so in February of '09 Tom Barry joined as the full time drummer. With the music and sound evolving, the band decided to come up with a fresh new name, and "Craving Dawn" was spewed out of tipsy brainstorming. The band just needed one more thing...a harder, sharper edge. Tom Pentland came along with his metal background and completed the puzzle. Based out of Boise, Idaho with electronic drums, great riffs, acoustic guitar and a male/female vocal combo, Craving Dawn has a unique sound with intentional emotion-provoking lyrics....and they all love to hang with the crowd before and after shows! (as compiled on the bands website)

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Secret Skwirl...

Who is Secret Skwirl?


In late 2009, a recording engineer (Sheldon Gomberg) and a friend of his drove by a garage sale, in Tarzana, CA; and noticed a stack of 2 inch tape boxes. After a brief discussion with the homeowner, he found out that the tapes had apparently been left in a closet, under the stairs of her home, and were there when she moved in. She found the tapes when the wood floors of the house were being refinished. She was the fourth owner of the home, which was built (according to her) in 1972. There were 23 boxes of tape; which Sheldon bought for the forty-seven bucks that he had in his wallet, at the time.
Sheldon took the tapes back to his recording studio The Carriage House in Silverlake, and cracked them open. The only information in the boxes were song lists with the name “Sloan Kramer” written by hand, beside each title. A quick count of the titles totaled slightly over one hundred songs!
Sheldon had the tapes baked (to avoid delamination) and digitized, for playback in Pro Tools.
Read full story of Secret Skwirl

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Give 'Em Hell Boys are Edmonton's premier Hillbilly, Honky Tonk, Country & Western noise makers. Tearin' up the countryside with Chart Toppin' tunes n Chart Toppin' good looks. Comin' atcha at ...

Members: San Quentin, Charlie Scream, Bagga Dix, Barn Jovi, Bootsy Cline, Callin' Hell (per the bands website).

Band Interests:   Drinkin', Smokin', Womin', Pickin', Yellin', and Fried Chickin'.

Read and listen at:

Lee - Something tells me that these Boys know how to party!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Graves Brothers Deluxe

Bela Lugosi and Elvis Presley both died on Stoo Odom's birthday. The GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE, disembodied musical spirits from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, thus chose Odom eagerly when looking for host bodies to express themselves. A New Orleans native/ recovering archaeologist/ Pirate Cat Radio personality, Odom shares the current possessée duties with San Franciscans Willy the Mailman, Marco Villalobos, and Allison Lovejoy. Host bodies of GBDLX have put in time with THIN WHITE ROPE, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, THE RESIDENTS, GRANDADDY, and the late NOEL REDDING (yeah, him).

Since their formation in 1998, GBDLX have released a smoldering heap of albums, singles, and EPs, leading them to tours of Japan, Spain, Mexico, and the USA, plus international radio & TV appearances. Most recently, the Brothers were seen performing on ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S NO RESERVATIONS on the Travel Channel.

GBDLX also work in the world of film soundtracks ("Reeling," "Neurotique," and "Madalien the Small"), music videos (by award-winning director Nara Denning), and in 2009 released the self-titled MAHIKARI album, a collaboration with ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE's Kawabata Makoto and the BOREDOMS' Yamamoto Seiichi. Other collaborations are currently underway, including one with Eddie Shaw of '60's icons THE MONKS.
(info provided via band's webpage)

Stalker Kimmy....

Lee Crisman w/ Stalker Kimmy at the Viper Room