Saturday, July 11, 2015

Melinda Ligeti, composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer, was born on January 2, 1978, in Pančevo, Serbia. She gets her first violin lessons at the age of 6, sMelinda Ligetiharing an early passion for piano, singing, guitar and composing. At the age of 16 she passes the entry exams for composition and orchestration department at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She graduated with highest grade in 2002, under Professor Vlastimir Trajković (ex student of Olivier Messiaen) and Isidora Žebeljan. Besides the above mentioned instruments she plays flute, bass, glockenspiel...

Melinda's music interests expand in lots of directions (classical, jazz, ambient, experimental, avant-garde, pop, electronic...), working on solo projects as well as different collaborations.
Her first band was Cartoon Sky, formed in the 90’s (together with Nenad Simić, Marija Ligeti Balint, Petar Uzunović / Dušan Došen and Bojan Dimitrov). It was heavily influenced by Cocteau Twins, with jazzy pop flavor, and simple structures. They performed several concerts, and had their appearance on the Serbian National TV.
She formed and took active part in few bands that had been performing her nu-jazz compositions (with Borivoj Nikolić, Milan Đorđijevski, Vladan Stojanov, Milan Despotovski, Ljuba Milošević, Rodoljub Katić, Milan Gašpar, Nikola Inić, Željko Jevtović and Nenad Živanov).