Saturday, September 29, 2012

UNSUNG 400 - The vibrant Melina Renee guest hosts for Lee Crisman on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show goes up 3 pm Pacific Time, October 1st and plays in three hour rotation throughout the next day.

Featuring ####

THE BEERGUTS - Change My Ways
THE KINGS OF FROG ISLAND - track 2 (from Kings of Frog Island)
  - - - - the Kings of Frog Island via Zigmatron Promotions
KROAK - Chaos Clouds
KROAK - King Chaos Cloud
THE SOFT ROBOT - Time Wounds All Heals
THE SOFT ROBOT - Tequila Mockingbird.
THIS HOLY HOUSE - Stolen From Our Lover
THE MUGGS - Blood Meridian
THE MUGGS - Dear Theo
THE MUGGS - Home Free
THE MUGGS - Six to Midnight

"thanks to Melina for guest hosting on the stream, and, of course thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman

Friday, September 28, 2012

WILLIE AMES - Guitarist / Banjoist / Singer / Songwriter

From the depths of the ocean off the coast of sunny San Diego (Poway), California, USA, North America, Planet Earth, Milky Way, the Universe and beyond, comes Willie Ames (guitarist/banjoist/singer/songwriter performing acoustic/folk/rock music). Willie first learned to play the guitar at the age of 5 with simple lessons from his father who taught him how to form the basic chords A through G. From then on, playing the guitar was a big hobby for Willie outside of school and sports. Self teaching himself songs by ear led the way for Willie to grab a solid grasp for playing songs on the guitar. At the age of18,Willie became deeply inspired by the music of Mark Knopfler with Dire Straits and Lindsey Buckingham with Fleetwood Mac. While attending college, studying Mechanical Engineering, Willie decided thatembarking on a rock and roll music career had to be donewhen he discovered his true musical talents. Willie has written and continues to write his own original material that has listeners comparing his sound to his influences and other well known musicians. Willie does not use a pickand, rather, uses the bare skin of his finger tips to finger pick. This allows for a more versatilesound and reveals more taste in his guitar playing technique. He also uses a bare hand strumming/slap technique from time to time.Willie’s finger work can be heard in almost everymusic line he writes and is especially present in his instrumental track titled “IceBreaker”.  In his songs that include vocals, Willie is picking the guitar/banjo and singing simultaneously. His track titled “Desert Run”, which happens to be the favorite according to his listeners, is a good example that proves his ability to finger pick his instrument while singing.  He does NOT use any machined sounds nor any special effects, just straight live finger work!  His lyrics are written with influence from everyday experiences as well as fictional/artistic thoughts and ideas.  Willie plays a 6 string acoustic guitar, both metal and nylon string. At age 23, Willie picked up a 5 string banjo. With his crisp and well developed finger work already established on the guitar, learning and self teaching himself the banjo came naturally. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Formed in Cambridgeshire UK in 2009, Soulweaver are making a name as one of the tightest, hardest working and entertaining live bands around. With dynamics, quality and intensity, Soulweaver contain the essence of classic British rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Cream but with a contemporary edge that could see them described as the British Foo Fighters.

Debut album out now! Liberty as been named in the top 10 albums of 2011 by ARfm Soundscapes ( in a list that includes the likes of Dream Theater and Ozric Tentacles) and Best album of 2011 by the Rock Show on Radio Thetford. (as compiled on the bands website)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Yea, so I'm going to rant again... So..  People all talk about being outside of the loop, tied into something unique and all.  Well, simply put, we're that deal.  In a worked world where everyone's convinced they're livin' it outside of the box... Well, all I can say is, upon closer inspection, that box has eaten a great many a fool for breakfast.  Pluto Radio is truly diverse musical stew for the discriminating earbone..  Whatever, right?  Our five point five listeners get it.  All other humans are sure to fall!  To the brave ones, well, thanks for listening... 

Lee -

CONFUSION IS NEXT - Alternative Rock

CIN begun in feb. 2004 as two bored teenage guitarists, Teo & Lorenzo, in a grey high school of a city in the north of Italy, Monza, a city of F1 races and a king assasination, a few kms away from Milan. They decided to bang some noise together, form a grunge band, writing original songs and naming themselves after one of the most disturbing songs of early Sonic Youth. Mixing several influences and tastes, the band took final shape with Fabrizio (aka Bicio) and Giuseppe (aka Pinno), drum and bass, in october 2004. With a live debut in december 2004, CIN were ready.

Working on this early material, the band recorded/mixed/mastered in june 2005, in a unique ten hour session, the 7 songs that form "Spread The Spirit". The band spent a large amount of time, efforts and ideas working from september 2005 'till the end of 2006 to write the follow up to "Spread The Spirit", a project called "Lost in Dark days". (as compiled on the bands website)

Band members:
Matteo Radice - guitar, vocals
Lorenzo Nocerino - guitar, back vocals
Giuseppe "Pinno" Pinnavaria - bass, back vocals
Fabrizio "Bicio" Pontiggia - drums, back vocals

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Melanculia on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

(ripped from band page)  Working on a new album Dear fans. After the hack attack a few months ago, we finally found some time to build up a new website. We would also like to inform you that we are working hard on a new melanculia album wich is to be released in 2013. Two of the new songs are already included in our live set, so - visit our concerts. Right now we are preparing something very special for our indonesian fanbase.

"Yet another band with brilliant vibe on the commercial
Free Pluto Radio Stream..  Melanculia freakin' rockets... 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Junique Fois Pi on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..
Picture of Junique Fois Pi 
(ripped from the bandsite...)   
Junique Fois Pi (don’t wonder ‘bout the name) settle their rough music right between Noise- and Postrock. The bass guitar is distorted and mixed upfront, the songs are pushing forward, their jazzy melodies are dosed with care. in a straight line from Chicago to New York and Washington, Junique Fois Pi bring forth their Dischord-sound from the city of electronic music, Cologne, and succeed in avoiding any Heavy Metal-shallows. Comparison? Think of Unsane, Lungfish or a gentle version of mighty Shellac. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

J Irwin on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..

General Info
fans photo

  • Genre: Indie
    Location from Yk to Jkt, ID
    Profile Views: 11842
    Last Login: 9/29/2011
    Member Since 11/23/2007
    Record Label Yes No Wave Music
    Type of Label Indie

Saturday, September 15, 2012

GHOSTS OF EDEN - Velvet Grunge

Velvet Grunge:  noun - Grunge rock laced with a little bit of sexy, hints of hardcore punk, pop and metal.

Formed in 2009 after years of playing in different bands from the New York/New Jersey alternative, hardcore punk and metal scene, the self proclaimed "Velvet Grunge" band had a new shared focus: strong songwriting and never looking back. They wanted to stray from the trends that they were seeing in the music industry. Together they wanted to write songs that could stand the test of time.

In a short time, GOE has accomplished what some only dream of. From headlining their own sold out show at Mercury Lounge to being invited to support sold out shows at New York City's famed Gramercy Theater and Highline Ballroom to playing multiple shows at Six Flags Great Adventure and an in-house promotional performance at Best Buy and Hot Topic, Ghosts of Eden is quickly on the rise. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BUDDHA SENTENZA - South-Western-Lower-Valley-Rock

After a seemingly random sonic collision over the city of Heidelberg in late 2008, the constellation of *Buddha Sentenza* began to form during the darkest hours of that cold and silent winter. Deep under the earth, in the hidden bowels of the Klonlabor tunnel complex, the searing strings and pounding drums condensed rapidly to form a nebulous cloud of loosely jammed, spaced-out, rocking riffs. Rot
ating freely around some of the most ancient soundscapes - from the astral end of the Pink Floyd to the depths of galaxies such as Black Sabbath - Buddha Sentenza has continued to expand, drawing energy from contemporary constellations as well. Thus, its elements follow the trail of early rock psychonauts and modern riffrockers alike, fusing droning riffs, screaming solos and cosmic harmonies into an instrumental sound experience that defies any strict genre boundaries. The result is a texture that combines the raw massiveness of rock with the infinite possibilities of outer space. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Katrin the Thrill on the commercial free Pluto radio stream


Katrin the Thrill
is on Facebook.

"Katrin the Thrill is, yet, another diverse musical talent allowing us to play their material here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  Yes, deserving to be heard!"  -  Lee.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kafka on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream


Kafka-musicKafka is singer songwriter with an alternative twist, is adrenaline-rushing, soul-soothing literate power pop that’s passionate, hook-heavy and raw.
Burnley, the home of indie rocker Kafka, has been called one of England’s most blighted towns. A weak economy, lack of public benefits, and rampant social problems make it one of the UK’s only areas to actually have a decreasing population. And most of the year it rains. But, just like the singer-songwriter’s simultaneously bittersweet and uplifting music, his somewhat maligned hometown still hold...See More
"adrenaline-rushing, soul-soothing literate power pop that’s passionate, hook-heavy and raw"
Band Interests
Extreme ironing

(compiled from band's website)
"Not only do I enjoy the music of Kafka, but, my buddy Nolan swears by them... Says their the best thing on the Pluto Radio stream.  Who am I to argue."  -  Lee Crisman

GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE - Searching for Host Bodies

Bela Lugosi and Elvis Presley both died on Stoo Odom's birthday. The GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE, disembodied musical spirits from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, thus chose Odom eagerly when looking for host bodies to express themselves. A New Orleans native/ recovering archaeologist/ Pirate Cat Radio personality, Odom shares the current possessée duties with San Franciscans Willy the Mailman, Marco Villalobos, and Allison Lovejoy. Host bodies of GBDLX have put in time with THIN WHITE ROPE, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, THE RESIDENTS, GRANDADDY, and the late NOEL REDDING (yeah, him).

Other some-time host bodies for the Graves include Nolan Cook (the RESIDENTS, DIMESLAND), Drew Cook (DIMESLAND), Bap Pawiftni (TERRIFYING SICKOS), Jai Young Kim (SECRET CHIEFS 3), Sean Greaves (TSOL, JOYKILLER), Roger Kunkel (THIN WHITE ROPE, ACME ROCKET QUARTET), Jozef Becker (THIN WHITE ROPE, TRUE WEST, SIPPY CUPS), and more. Regardless of whoever happens to be possessed on any particular evening, the Graves Brothers Deluxe promise to scare your children into behaving. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

J. Irwin on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

Photo of J. Irwin (bangkutaman)

General Info

  • Genre: Indie
    Location from Yk to Jkt, ID
    Profile Views: 11666
    Last Login: 9/29/2011
    Member Since 11/23/2007
    Record Label Yes No Wave Music
    Type of Label Indie

    "I certainly enjoy J. Irwin's melodic vibe...  His music is a brilliant addition to what we do on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream."  -  Lee Crisman

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Junk, the band ..


JUNK is best described as a Jazz-Funk Surf-a-billy Jam Band. Our songs are guaranteed 100% original Junk! Nobody has been able to cover our original work.
Belt buckle image used by permission -
Profile Picture
Also known as JUNKtheband. Contact us at
Band Interests
Being rich and famous.
Artists We Also Like
John Butler Trio, Michael Franti, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Les Claypool 
(as compiled from the band's website)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

John Ludi - contributes to the Pluto Radio stream..

RADIO FALLOUT - Traveling in Radio Waves

After a year of killing ourselves to make an album the only two things we can think of are touring and getting back in a studio to do it again. Music is a drug that never lets go. It’s our light in a blinding sea of bullshit. I don’t know where the money for the next album will come from. I don’t know how we will get the time off of work to write it. I don’t know if anyone will listen to it after it’s done. The lesson I learned recording Vox is nothing can stop us. We will find a way. This band is just getting started and we are going to write some great fucking music before we are done. (as compiled on the bands website)

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