Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everyday Prophets on the stream ..

Everyday Prophets 
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Zelazowa - Straight Up @ Pluto Radio

Live at 5 on 104.5 FM by
Lee Crisman presents... Zelazowa - STRAIGHT UP.   An hour, straight up of this amazing band's music here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  This show is currently live on the stream in three hour rotation through the end of day, Fri, Nov. 2nd.

"I cannot thank Zelazowa enough for being a part of the commercial free Pluto Radio stream."  -  Lee

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Earthling Society: Artisit Update via Pluto Radio

Greetings all
Earthling Society's first 33rpm vinyl since 2007's 'Tears of Andromeda' will be released this December on
Nasoni records.
The album 'ZodiaK' was recorded live August 29th at RHM studios Blackpool and features 3 tracks
'Zodiak', 'Silver phase' and 'The Astral Traveller'.
We have pemiered the tracks out our last two gigs (On board the craft festival and The Hawklords) and they
have gone down a storm. We feel it is the best recording we have done to date.
Early 2013 will see a expanded version of the album featuring another 2 tracks that will be released on CD through 4 zero records.
We have also submitted a track for the FDM records Christmas annual CD called 'In the Garden'. This I believe is only available to FDM members.
Thats all folks
Have a mighty Sow-in
Blessed be
Fred Laird
Jon Blacow
Kim Allen

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fadeout on Pluto Radio ..

Fadeout has been kind enough to let us play their music on the commercial free Pluto radio stream  They're cute to boot.  Thanks guys!  - Stalker Kimmy

promo pics by

FADEOUT: General Info

  • Genre: Experimental / Pop / Rock
    Location Seinäjoki, Su
    Profile Views: 649451
    Last Login: 8/31/2012
    Member Since 2/13/2005
    Record Label INDEPENDENT
    Type of Label Unsigned

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eolune on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

Canvas EP cover art

"Lyrical, cool vibe.  Eolune is another amazing band we get to play on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  Love it!  Like no other planet."  -  Lee Crisman

Eolune is pronounced "ee oh loon" or "ay loon" (if you prefer)

released 26 February 2010

On this recording, Eolune is:
Corey Wade- vocals, guitar, electronic arrangements
David Hunt- vocals, bass, electronic arrangements
Jonathan Schmidt- acoustic drums

Music and Lyrics by Corey Wade and David Hunt (ASCAP)
Canvas EP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

©2010 Corey Wade and David Hunt

Produced by Corey Wade and David Hunt
Drums tracked by Will Tendy and Joe Costable at The 30/30 Club in Goshen, NY All other instruments tracked by Corey Wade and David Hunt in Pittsfield, MA; Boston, MA; New York, NY; and Phoenix, AZ
Mixed by Joe Costable at The Vault in Poughkeepsie, NY
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Fine Print Mastering in Goshen, NY
Additional editing by Will Tendy
Additional editing on "Naked in Poems" by Ryan Kaul

Additional Musicians:
Lauren Baker- Harp on "Glass Flowers For the Grave Machines"
Lorne MacArthur- Additional synth on "Billboard"

Artwork by Julianne Martin

Thank You: Our families, our friends, Joe Costable and Jonathan Schmidt for their invaluable contributions and endless patience, Will Tendy, Mike Kalajian, Nick Weeden, the Weeden family, Jesse Hangen, Josh Cuadra, Lorne MacArthur, Lauren Baker, Alex Vallejo, Ryan Kaul, Jamal Ruhe, Julianne Martin, Felisia Sainz, Talin Avakian, and everyone who has supported us alon

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Insight from the stolen and bastardized page ..

"Just to give you a general idea," he would explain to them. For of course some sort of general idea they must have, if they were to do their work intelligently though as little of one, if they were to be good and happy members of society, as possible. For particulars, as every one knows, make for virtue and happiness; generalities are intellectually necessary evils. Not philosophers but Social Media and Q factor compose the backbone of society.  -  Huxley, sort of..
a Bastardization by Lee Crisman
enjoy the ride .. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Parsnip Revolt: Artist Update via Pluto Radio

  The Parsnip Revolt

Philadelphia, PA
Rock / Acoustic / Alternative

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 Greetings from the garden!
Since we last spoke, we were in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to help us finish our album.  Well, a long story short, our campaign was a huge success. The overwhelmingly generous support from our fans, friends, and family enabled us to complete the album we call "A Sunshine Report."
So, on Saturday, November 3rd we will be having our CD Release Party at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA.  Not only will we be celebrating "A Sunshine Report" by playing it live, but there will also be performances by The Lux and also Roger Delaney.
*Tickets are going fast, so we suggest scooping them up in advance here: 
*each ticket redeemed at the door will get you a free copy of "A Sunshine Report."

peace and love - peace and love


93.7 WSTW's Hometown Heroes Wilmington, DE Sun Oct 28 12 08:00 PM  
World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA Sat Nov 03 12 08:00 PM  
> See More / Details

"There are so many Russian rockers that we play on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream, they are intensely creative and possess the hearts of kings when it comes to throwing down brilliant vibe..  With that said, I totally dig the Nothingdoers...   This dudes put their own thing out there with groove to spare.  We thank them for being a part of the mix here at Pluto Radio!"  -  Lee Crisman

STRIAGHT UP - The Luck of Eden Hall

Lee Crisman presents... The Luck of Eden Hall - STRAIGHT UP.   An hour, straight up of this amazing band's music here on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  This show is currently live on the stream in three hour rotation through the end of day, Sat, Oct 27th

"I cannot thank The Luck of Edan Hall enough for being a part of the commercial free Pluto Radio stream."  -  Lee

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Toland Band on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

A man and his brilliant blues/rock/funk guitar...  Excited to announce: Michael Toland has forwarded a portion of his new musical collection to the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  We expect to have this music added into the mix, within the next couple weeks.  Also, word is, Mr. Toland will be performing some guest hosting for the stream in the not-to-distant Pluto Radio future.  Much thanks, to The Toland Band.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thomas Trapp hosts UNSUNG 0307

Thomas Trapp of POOLSIDE PLANO fame brings us UNSUNG 0307 -  on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show is currently in rotation on the station and plays every three hours throughout the end of the day Thurs, October 25th.

Hosted by the enlightened one in Plano.., Thomas Trapp.
Featuring the amazing music of ...

AISLES - Summer Fall
ANTIOQUIA (an tee OH kee ah) - Idaho
SIN AYUDA - Faster Than a Gun
ELAN (AP)  - Black Widow
FLYING EYES - Done So Wrong (live)
FLYING EYES - Encore Break
Thomas discovers a sun spot and brings the SO*CAL VIBES to our rescue.

"Great show Thomas...  I dig your take on having a dream.  Also, thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman

THE DOTS - Alternative / Pop Punk / Powerpop

The Dots were simply the best band in New York City from the late seventies to the mid eighties. Led by guitarist Rick Garcia, a prolific songwriter who has been described as 'dangerously brilliant', the star of the band was lead singer Jimmi Quidd, formerly James Hatzidimitriou, who attended high school in Athens, Greece with rock solid bass player Leigh Sioris. These three made up the core of the Dots and were joined by a number of top NY musicians for different periods of the bands history including Alison East, Jimmy Agnello, Nat Seeley, Vinnie Signorelli, Billy Bell, Al Maddy and Jeff Formosa. Their songs were finely crafted punk-pop with clever lyrics and unforgettable hooks. 

With a sound like the Move at their best the band often opened with 'I Can Hear the Grass Grow' before crusing through a one hour set of perfect 3 minute songs, played at high volume and high energy. The Dots toured Germany several times where they were based in Berlin and very popular, putting out three albums there. RETURN OF THE DOTS, I CAN SEE YOU, and a live album from their last tour. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more:

Monday, October 22, 2012

NICKI BLUHM - Rock / Soul / Country

Upon hearing the unique and refreshing sound of Nicki Bluhm, it becomes immediately clear why she is in the midst of a breakout year. Nicki has filled a void in music with her brand of vintage-tinged rocking country soul -- music that's like an enchanting friend you've known for a short while but feels like you've known forever.

Nicki's story began at a New Year's Eve party when she sang an impromptu blues song that caught the attention of musician/producer Tim Bluhm (The Mother Hips). With Tim's encouragement Nicki began to write songs and perform in public, and soon was earning fans of her own. They went on to record Nicki's debut album, Toby's Song (2008), which appeared on Jambase's top ten albums of the year. Nicki and Tim were married shortly after and formed her band with childhood friend and guitar player, Deren Ney. The band continued to grow with the addition of Steve Adams on bass (ALO), Dave Mulligan on rhythm guitar and drummer Mike Curry. Nicki has since shared the stage with Chris Robinson, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Steve Kimock, Jackie Greene, Pegi Young, Josh Ritter, and many others. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Independent Music Promotion bands sound amazing on the stream!

Independent Music Promotions

to Admin
Band: Gumshen
Location: Seattle
Recommended Track: Jag It Up
Styles: Prog/Pop/Indie/Rock
Similar to: Pink Floyd, Devo, Kraftwerk, Police, Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Phoenix
CD: Everything What We Recorded
Release date: February 2012
Music videos: NEW "Hammer & Nails" video:
"Not Every One Of Us"
Streaming link:
Secure DL link w/photos:
Members/Instruments: Ron Hippe:  Vox, Keys, Gtrs, Dennis McCoy:  Vox, Drums, Jan Ciganik:  Gtrs, Rich Hinklin:  Bass
Artist contact:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

UNSUNG 0301 Hosted by Lee Crisman

UNSUNG 0301 -  on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show is currently in rotation on the station and plays every three hours throughout the end of the day`Mon, October 22nd.

Featuring the amazing music of ...

MICHAEL TOLAN - Move Score Sample #8
ACUSTRONICA NETLABEL Claudio Nunez - 07 Distension
DAVE ARMO - Watefront
THIS IS NOWHERE - Start Bottom
EOLUNE - Dog's Tale (I Like the View
MIDAS FATE - What Dreams May Come
MUTTS - Save Us
PHANTOM CREEPS - Hillbilly Rebel
SYNTH. NI  -  Mercury
MICHAEL TOLAN - Move Score Sample #8

"thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cancer Killing Gemini on Pluto Radio

Cancer Killing Gemini via 

to Lee Crisman
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September brings us the return of big dumb guitars and fat synths is the drum-heavy "Queen Of Hearbreak":

(there's a picture here - turn on remote content)

Did you miss the heavy stuff? Me too. It's coming back, one song at a time. 

We've taken some time off to retool the CKG sound, but Oct 13th there's a special show coming - the 1st Anniversary of the opening of the club Radio in Somerville. Sadly our own Max Butler will be tickling the ivories for a theatre show at the Oberon, so we'll have a special guest on keyboards for that show only. We'll put all the details up on facebook shortly.

One song a month, forever. We've got something really cool for next month.... I'll probably leak it to the bandcamp page a bit early, so check that if you're jonesing for new music.

Cancer Killing Gemini

Monday, October 15, 2012

UNSUNG 0310 -  on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show is currently in rotation on the station and plays every three hours throughout the end of the day`Wed, October 17th.

Featuring the amazing music of ...

REVEL HOTEL -  Emptiness
ANTIOQUIAN (AN TEE OH KEE AH) - No Sleep 'Till Oakland
ELAN - This Old Machine
GIDGET'S GA GA - Picture on the Radio
THE SOFT ROBOT - Ain't No Love Song
LAF - Summer Rain
IAN NARCISI (areil PR) - Behind the Dawn
LAY LOW (Ariel PR) - By and By
REVEL HOTEL - Phantasm

"thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman

Rattlin' Bone on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..

Photo of Rattlin Bone


A raggle, taggle fourteen piece band in a world of Zombie Burlesque and Voodoo Circus… Emerging from the dark depths of the sewers of London, Rattlin Bone walk that darker path…
Wily Bo Walker continues his wild frontman swagger as Ringmaster of the madcap burlesque voodoo circus that is Rattlin Bone.… Joining him is demon trombone player L'il Neill, a nightcrawling desperado and an artist with a deviant palette. He fronts the bone section from hell…
Kareña K adds her 'Vampirettes'; a wicked sideshow and backing vocals with bite!!!
Released their debut album 'The Life And Times Of..' and a host of great singles for Flaming Hearts Records.
Currently working on their second album 'It's Been A Wonderful Life…'..
Released for Day Of The Dead, Who Do You Love is the first track from the forthcoming second album and finally they have succumbed to demand and just released Yesterday Is Here/It's Been A Wonderful Life, the first of two Tom Waits tracks which will be on the album! Rattlin Bone For Portuguese Bookings
Office: (00 351 ) 259928119 Mobile: (00 351) 918249037

(as compiled on the band's webpage)

"An amazing and fun sound..."  - Lee Crisman

UNSUNG 0171 -  on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show is currently in rotation on the station and plays every three hours throughout the end of the day`Tues, October 16th.

Featuring the amazing music of ...

DIECIDCEMBER (via Acustronica)  -  Event Horizon
CLAUDIO NUNEZ (via Acustronica) - Tension 3
CAB 20 - Slow Song
ANTIQCOOL - I Carry Them In My Head
THE DELUGE (Inverted Earth)  -  Root
FRONT AND FOLLOW - Hotel Oriental
FUZZ BELOVED - Solipsism
FUZZ BELOVED - Sweet Devil Child
FUZZ BELOVED - Fleeting Planet Earth

"thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MARQUIS OF VAUDEVILLE - A Mesmeric Twirling Dizziness In Our Skulls

With imagination at it's core, the theatrical flare and intriguing nature of their 
unique songwriting has grasped the attention of music lovers from the most critical of music elitists to the average radio listener. Numerous music showcasing websites have seen Marquis of Vaudeville ranked within the top 10 of a variety of genres, most recently with the group taking the number 1 seat in Rock with "An Ordinary Day" on Internet and terrestrial radio such as Dallas' leading rock/alternative station 102.1 The Edge have also embraced their music and featured such songs as the dreamy and hope laden "Divine." The group has also been showcased on several music compilations, the most recent being Exploding in Sound’s 'Bands You Need to Know''. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Keeping up with Autodrone: Posted by Lee

Autodrone New York, NY Alternative / Post Punk / Experimental Hello Lee. So, we have a couple of shows coming up next week out in Brooklyn, which is fairly unusual for us. Even more unusual that we are playing two in a row, one of which is during the day. We are totally into it though and hope that you are too.

Monday Oct 15th at Cameo Gallery.

with: CLINICAL TRIALS THE FOREIGN RESORT THE VANDELLES Jenna X DJ Frankie Teardrop + Special guest DJ's Get tickets: $5 cover doors open 8pm Cameo gallery

The Next show is our official CMJ showcase at 4pm on Tuesday October 16th: Its both All Ages and FREE With Foxes in Fiction and DATALOG Autodrone plays at 4pm

Redwater on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

"I love this band, they possess a rock and roll core with an adventurous, lyrical spirit.  They seem shamanistic in their musical approach."  -  Lee Crisman
There is a part of the population that is yearning for what is true in this life. People that WANT to wake up from the coma of illusion that has been forced upon us by many external forces. Can it be possible anymore in a world of increasingly forced and processed thought, that music SHOULDN'T be made and tested for the sole reason of becoming a product to sell to the masses?

A group of people that came together to break out of this mediocrity and suffering who are not afraid to take chances on any level--Adventurous song structures, diverse & eclectic sound, going wherever the music takes them but still keeping focus on melody and emotion--A group of musicians fully engaged in pushing the evolution of music while still keeping a solid footing in what has come before.

Four individuals that bring every conceivable emotion that is in ones soul to the music they create...They go by the name....REDWATER. In the simplest sense, they are a rock n' roll band that has an undying drive to create & to explore. There are no limits, and that's the way they like it.   (as compiled on the band's website)  My Photos


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Nothingdoers on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

  • 23-07-09 Fm club (Malkovic album presentation) by Genre: Folk / Indie / Lounge
    Location Moscow, RU
    Profile Views: 14736
    Last Login: 10/3/2012
    Member Since 4/15/2007
    Record Label Electricoal Records DIY

    "The Nothingdoers have a very digable vibe.  These Russian Folkies are amazingly talented, and are great to listen to while holed up in the cave."  -  Lee Crisman

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Honorable Worm

Photo of The Honorable WormGeneral Info

  • Genre: Folk / Melodramatic Popular Song / Psychedelic
    Location Charlottesville, Virginia, US
    Profile Views: 10821
    Last Login: 8/21/2012
    Member Since 12/20/2005
    Type of Label Unsigned

                                                  +  +  +  +  +  

     "We are honored to play the Honorable Worm on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream."  -  Lee Crisman

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UNSUNG 0401 - The vibrant Melina Renee guest hosts, yet again, for Lee Crisman on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream http:.//  This show is currently in rotation on the station and plays every three hours throughout the end of the day`Thurs, October 11th.

Featuring the amazing music of ...

LUDIVINE - Pimp of Perverse
LUDIVINE - Blue Balls
LEE BAINS AND THE GLORY FLIES - Hope You Like it Down There
METROPOL - Constellation
GUERILLA TREE - Indocyanine Green
GUERILLA TREE - Feilds of Joy
GREEN TEA - Indigenous
FABRIC - Down In Flames
EOLUNE (E OH LOON)  - Revatmos
EOLUNE - Loveless Imaginations
EOLUNE - City Cemeteries
THE DELUGE - Raindrop Matrices
THE DELUGE - Waterfalls
THE DELUGE - Liquid 7th
MARBLE SHEEP - The Secret Chief

"thanks to Melina for guest hosting on the stream, and, of course thanks to all the talented bands/artists that allow us to play their amazing music."  -  Lee Crisman
Rand Reynolds

Rand Reynolds: Brief Bio

Rand Reynolds writes authentic Hillbilly Noir, a new music genre he created in 2005 to describe his haunting Edgar Allen Poe-like lyrics accompanied by a stark, rustic Martin guitar. Like its film noir counterpart, Reynolds’ musical vignettes focus on desolate characters that, on the surface, appear to exist only in terms of black and white, good and bad or love and lust. But Reynolds’ characters struggle inwardly to co-exist in the gray moral shadows of their own footsteps … the kind of boot steps that echo in a vacant alley on a black, rainy night while moving headstrong, wantonly, into life’s underbelly. He delivers his songs in a deep baritone voice that spearheads his unique signature sound that is dark, threatening and dangerous. Reynolds’ material -- which ranges from songs about alcoholics, drifters, serial killers, strippers, dope fiends, wife beaters, washed-up country singers, finger pointers and, generic sinners and saints -- explores a new modern sensuality and savvy. The songs reek of the human abyss, danger and disappointment because, in his world, hope and desperation go hand in hand. For his dreams of easy deliverance are empty, two sided and vague. Reynolds has fine tuned his Hillbilly Noir to make it stylized, individualistic and intimate, and the genre embraces this guitar player’s journey of candid self-discovery that is bold and rare among songwriters of today.  (as compiled on Mr. Reynolds' webpage).

                                                  =        =        =

"We came across some of Mr. Reynolds' music on the internet archive - we hope to get our hands on yet more of this brilliant songsmith's material."  - Lee Crisman

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haggis Rising on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream

Studio Pics by Photo of HAGGIS RISINGGeneral Info

  • Genre: Comedy / Hardcore / Rock
    Location RENO, Nevada, US
    Profile Views: 3492
    Last Login: 11/20/2009
    Member Since 10/20/2006
    Record Label Unsigned

    "The song Blood, Guts and Firetrucks by Haggis Rising - Nut busting rock ..
    A lost gem ..."  - Lee

Friday, October 5, 2012

God Monster on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

[item image]BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS ...  Recorded in 1998, Beautiful Darkness is B.L.Underwood's second album under the God/Monster guise. A collection of gothic tunes, gloomy pop songs and guitar electronica. This audio is part of the collection: Blastospheric It also belongs to collection: Netlabels Artist/Composer: God/Monster Keywords: alternative; rock; electronica; lo-fi; grunge; gothic; rock; pop Creative Commons license: Attribution 2.0 England & Wales

"I love God Monster's vibe..."  Lee-