Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lee Crisman's Unsung 199 hosted poolside Plano by Thomas Trapp will go up Friday, March 30th, L.A. time on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  This show will rotate every three hours through the following day.

Billy Connally - Staker

Animals like you - Kickabout

Iml - White
Iml - Sweet Evil

Sola Infared - Superkilla also

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Postman Blues

Free keys - Freaky

James Michael Coray - Isabel

Red 13 - Dead eye

Cancer Killing Gemini - Crist Control

Angstrom - No Despair

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Po Farmer

Heartburn - Drinking old whiskey

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Boxcar Waltz
"Bunch of new bands who have some good stuff brewing while they're working their ass off to make ear candy."  -  Thomas Trapp ...

Dead Sara in Los Angeles March 29th 9:30 pm..


We have a show this Thursday night, March 29th, 2012 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA at 9:30pm. It is all ages! $8.50 for tickets. It's our Album Release Party/Warped Tour Kick Off Party.

Here is the link to buy the tickets.

The location is:

800 West Olympic Blvd. Suite A335,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Hope to see you there!

Dead Sara

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

Picture of Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestraphoto maline casta Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra music withholds hints of Swedish progressive rock combined with powerful guitar melodies and catchy drums. It stretches itself between hard driven riffs and accoustic ballads. The band has been compared to everything from Mammoth Volume and Bob Dylan to Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. Comparisons aside: -This is probably how the 70`s would sound today. Its a true gem with endless potential!

Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra formed in 2000 in Umeå, Sweden by Tia Marklund, David and Daniel Israelsson, Håkan Dalsfelt and Kent Jonsson. The debut record “The Losers are Back in Town” was recorded in 2003 and released by Freebird Records as a 7” vinyl.

Work on a full length album started shortly after and the self titled debut (on Freebird Records) was released in 2004, containing
10 dynamite songs. Slowly things started to happen. DJCO was booked at Eurosonic Festival January 2005 and toured mainland Europe twice, together with the cult band Hypnos 69. The debut LP got great reviews and was even hailed ”the album of the year” by some of the leading European rock magazines. The songs could also be found on a few compilation records such as “The Ultimate fuzzcollection” (Fuzzorama Records).

During 2006 some changes were made in the band.  (as compiled from the band's website).

 "This is a fantastic band with their own unique vibe.  We are delighted to play the music of Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.   My best from the great American desert." Lee-  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

COUNTRY ROCKIN' REBELS - Country / Blues / Rock and Roll

Kid from Minnesota and kid from Virginia meet out west and make music under the bright California sunshine. The boys were inspired by Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, The Hanks Three and The White Stripes and mix the Bakersfield country boogie with down home southern rock and blues. Now a five-piece with an incomparable rhythm section, dueling slide and lead guitars the Rebels bring passion, heart, creative songwriting as well as captivating musicianship to every performance. (as compiled on the bands website)
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 Miles of Blue...

to admin @ Pluto Radio....

Hello MoBsters!!!

You've been asking for it....a 10 MILES OF BLUE plugged-in, ramped up, electric concert.... And we are serving it up in a big way....

Join us THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, March 16, at 9PM.
For a full 2 hour 10 MILES OF BLUE Concert
Come hear all of your favorite songs.... PLUS lots of new ones
at the incredible Sweetwater Live venue, in Duluth Ga.
 (18+ to get in)
Performing also will be Daisy Belliis.

 For up-to-the-minute details please "like" us on facebook.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Poolside Plano 12511 on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..

   • • • ON AIR NOTICE • • •

50 Foot Wave - She is a girl 
Country Rockin Rebels - Government Weed
John Ludi - Together and Isolated
White Rabbit - Pluto Archieve - the song
that says "It won't take me that long"
Brooke Mackintosh - Carnival ride
Fatter Day Saints - Hum
Bloodfruit - 13
The Parsnips revolt - Let it go
Trading Voices - Take cover
Anti M - Let you go
Stone Cold Boys - Twist
Sara Petite - Bootleggers
Kevin Martin- Slow Down

"Our thanks to all the amazing artists who allow us the earbending melodic jams that deserve to be heard. Peace."  Thomas Trapp STRAIGHT FROM POOLSIDE PLANO TEXAS. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

info - Fuzzoramarecords

Yepp, another USA tour is coming up for the mighty fuzzrockers in Truckfighters. Official support this time is Midnight ghost train.
As Josh Homme from Queen of the stoneage claims; "The best band in the world"! Truckfighters is more modest in that opinion an only claim themselves to be "Probably the best band in the world".

More info press, please make sure you contact us ASAP!:

20120309 Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge
20120310 Texarkana, AR @ The Roadmap
20120311 Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
20120313 Ashville, NC @ The Get Down
20120314 Raleigh, NC @ Pour House
20120315 Norfolk, VA @ Jewish Mother Backstage
20120316 Philadelphia, PA @ The Station
20120317 Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly

Fuzz on!
/Oskar Cedermalm

Midas Fate on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream..

Photo of Midas Fate

Midas Fate has jumped into our commercial. free Pluto Radio stream  We look forward to sharing their amazing vibe with our listeners.

For more on this band visit

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zelazowa... yes, a commercial free Pluto Radio stream favorite!

 Spring is almost here and with it comes more ZELAZOWA shows!

We have been hard at work on some new tunes and are excited to share them with everyone. As far as news goes...

1. Starting this Wed. (the 29th), our live video for "Pretty Little Liar" will be featured in a facebook contest for us to win an all expense paid trip to SXSW this year. If you're a facebook user, please take a moment on Wednesday and vote for us here:

2. Despite whatever the results of the above, Bryan and Kyle will be headed to SXSW in Austin, TX next month to perform four acoustic shows at select showcases. If you're headed to the festival, please check out the schedule below. We'd love to hang.

3. The next full band show is Friday, 3/9 at Mojo Main in Newark, DE. This one's gonna be a blast so if you're in the area come on out and make a night of it!

Hope to see you soon. Enjoy your week.

Monday, March 5, 2012

  • • • ON AIR NOTICE • • •
Lee Crisman's UNSUNG - "Playing the music that deserves to be heard...!
UNSUNG 0183 (HOSTED BY Lee Crisman) IS GOING UP Wed March 7th at noon L.A. time AND WILL PLAY IN A 3 HOUR ROTATION THROUGHOUT the next day.


XLRBER4 - Don't Need No Company
SOMETHING UTOPIC - No Sleep Till Sundown
SIN AYUDA - Start Over
MUTTS - Show of the Century
MUTTS - Blind Truth
LUCK OF EDAN HALL - The Ottoman Girl
AISLES - Maiden
AISLES - Clouds Motion
MARC CARROLL W/ TEN SWORDS - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
SOLSTICE COIL - Too Many Regrets


Saturday, March 3, 2012

  • • • ON AIR NOTICE • • •
Lee Crisman's UNSUNG - "Playing the music that deserves to be heard...!
UNSUNG 0185 (HOSTED BY Lee Crisman) IS GOING UP Mon March 5th at noon L.A. time AND WILL PLAY IN A 3 HOUR ROTATION THROUGHOUT the next day.


DAVE ARMO - The Westward Mile
JOHNNY VINAL - Wet Drink for the Dry Lip
LUCK OF EDEN HALL - A Drop in the Ocean
ZELAZOWA - One Less Illusion
PAUL E. PHONICS - The Chameleon
MOON PROTOTYPE - Faith in the Trash
MMOSS - Come What May
HUNGRY LUCY - Last October
AKIN - The 92 Flight
THE DELUGE - Crystaline
THE DELUGE - Neo Classical Afrique


Chris Klimecky Producer/Musician.

I hope 2012 is treating you well so far. March is here and I'm so excited about the coming month - my new album, This Journey, is officially (and finally) done and off to the replicators! It will be ready for distribution, both in hard copy and electronic form, in a few weeks. It has been an incredible journey and I've been working so hard I've stayed fairly quiet about it. Now as the release feels right around the corner, I realize how much help I need getting the word out. I've never been more proud about the music or artwork that I've put out to represent me. I hope that the love and sweat that I've put into it touches you and motivates you to tell a friend about it. Share and spread the love!

On my website, I've just released the full artwork for the album, so please have a look at the incredible graphics and design that David Cook of Cook-Creative and OriginWest put together for me:

Also, I am now working hard to put together a band that will represent this vision live with me. If you know of any musician who might be interested in joining up to rock out on these tunes, please let me know. It's going to be a fun couple of months as the music starts to get out there and a band comes together to bring it alive.

For now, have a fantastic March and I'll talk to you again soon. I'd love to hear from you, too, so please feel free to ping me at anytime. Thank you so much,


"Modern rock like Switchfoot or Foo Fighters without the screaming."

Cancer Killing Gemini - always alive with new vibe...!

It has been said that if someone listening to a song does not understand the message the songwriter is delivering, then the songwriter has failed as a communicator. I don't think that will be the case with the Song of the Month for March, "Homosexual".  (DOWNLOAD / PREVIEW)

 I grew up with gay family members and gay friends. The concept was introduced to me at a young enough age that prejudices never entered the picture. Some people are queer. Big deal. Obviously though, there are people who feel differently. It's evident watching the debates on DOMA and DADT and other ridiculous topics. Republicans want us out of their bedroom but still want the ability to go into yours. For some people, queer can be "someone else's problem", but for parents, you don't get that choice. If you're having kids, open your mind, because "life is like a box of chocolates".


TONIGHT: The Big Queer Rock Show at TT's. We'll be premiering this song live. You want to be there.
MARCH 24th our first appearance at Michael's in Plymouth.
MARCH 29th we return to Precinct in Somerville with our friends The Invisible Rays
Check out the "Pie" shirt, "Blinkie McJitters" shirt and more - new designs in all sizes for men and women.

LYRICS for "Homosexual" 

So did you see the writing on the wall
when your son showed a certain "flair"
And it didn't seem that strange to you that all his "girlfriends" had really short hair
Then just one ear gets pierced to showcase his pretty face
"Turn off the football dad, it's time for 'Will and Grace'"

There's one thing I think you know
Your son's a homosexual
Don't believe that he'll outgrow it
Your son's a homosexual

Somehow the tight pink shirts were not enough to give it away
What did you tell yourself when your friends called him fruitcake
"If they don't ask don't tell 'cause this world can get really mean
Ah hell, we love you son"
whatever makes you happy"

Don't know if you're homosexual
Do you think I'm homosexual
Does God loves the homosexuals?
God loves the homosexuals


The release of the video for "Taxidermy Song", plus a song about not having sex with Guns and Roses

Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE COSMONAUTS - Alternative Rock from Edinburgh

Dynamic four piece from Edinburgh infused with 60s rock, dark sounds and brooding electric cello.
The Cosmonauts were formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Chris Bryce and bassist/vocalist Alan Robertson, the latest phase in a long-term collaboration of almost 10 years. With the aim of creating a more distinctive sound, cellist/vocalist Claire Schiavone was brought on board, adding a notably dark edge to the sound.
After experimenting with several dummers, Paul Stuart joined the group in 2009.

With their line-up settled, The Cosmonauts set to work fusing their sound together and bringing their individual influences and shared vision to the mix. After recording a few demos the band decided to try them out at live gigs in Edinburgh, eliciting a extremely positive response from audiences. With this new found confidence the band then pushed themselves further, securing regular gigs outside Edinburgh, plus radio play in the USA and on Scottish independent radio stations.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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