Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lee Crisman's Unsung 199 hosted poolside Plano by Thomas Trapp will go up Friday, March 30th, L.A. time on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.  This show will rotate every three hours through the following day.

Billy Connally - Staker

Animals like you - Kickabout

Iml - White
Iml - Sweet Evil

Sola Infared - Superkilla also

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Postman Blues

Free keys - Freaky

James Michael Coray - Isabel

Red 13 - Dead eye

Cancer Killing Gemini - Crist Control

Angstrom - No Despair

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Po Farmer

Heartburn - Drinking old whiskey

Justin and the Salty Dogs - Boxcar Waltz
"Bunch of new bands who have some good stuff brewing while they're working their ass off to make ear candy."  -  Thomas Trapp ...