Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sinister Dexter on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

Sinister Dexter is a hard-hitting 10-piece soul machine-New Orleans-style horn band, like a mix of Tower of Power, Santana, the Blues Brothers, and a pre-80s Kool and the Gang (or if you're too young for that, think Big Bad Voodoo Daddy crossed with Ozomatli and Cake). Featuring our sensational vocalist Rebecca Lipon, a hot five-piece horn section, and a tight rhythm section, we put on a high energy show that keeps you moving late into the night.

While the members and mix of genres has changed, our goal has always been to be the local band that we would go out of our way to see ourselves. For us, that means featuring a thick, powerful horn section, dance-inducing grooves, and soulful vocals (as compiled from the bands website).

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Jack loves it when you play ‘One Eyed Jack’ by Sinister Dexter (he is a very silly burrow). When are you coming back to the cave?

SK and Jack-

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tusk has jumped into the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

Cover Photo
As we finish putting together our last few gigs of 2013, where would you like to see Tusk play in 2014? Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Admiral Twin on the commerical free Pluto Radio stream ..

Pop-rock trio Admiral Twin (named after a landmark drive-in theater in their hometown of Tulsa, OK) has released five CDs to date, including 2000’s critically praised Mock Heroic, 2003’s Creatures of Bread & Wine, and their latest release, The Center of the Universe. Since 1998, the band has performed for well over 500,000 concert-goers all across the United States and Canada.

Well-known for their harmony infused, three-minute rock explosions and eccentric pop experimentation, the band has built a loyal fanbase. The Center of the Universe features the singles “In My Veins” and “Good as Gold,” with a sound that ranges from Fountains of Wayne to The Beatles to Wilco. The band is currently promoting the new album (as compiled from the bands website).

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ghosts of Eden ..

"Great, melodic grunge rock with a vibe that's a total throwback to the good ole' days of the 90's, when flannel was in, the Towers were still standing, and we all still harbored a slight distrust for the Russians." - Some dude

"As of now Ghosts of Eden are unsigned, but I predict that it won't be long at all before the record label bidding wars begin." - A Geek Girl, Blog Critics

"Ghosts Of Eden are a band to keep your eye on. With a growing fan base in the US and also a new fan base here in the UK, the band are on the up to make an impact." - Michael Hughes, Founder,

"Ghosts of Eden are the hottest band to come out of New York in at least a decade." - Interviews From The Edge,
"Have a listen to Ignorance and Lies by Ghosts of Eden and judge for yourself. With one listen I'm sure you'll be just as blown away as I was. With two listens you won't be able to stop pushing the play button."
- Tricia Weight, The Examiner

GOE completed recording their self-produced debut EP "Ignorance & Lies" at Big Blue Meenie Studios (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Helmet, Local H, Bouncing Souls, The Misfits, etc.) All songs were written, arranged and produced by the band. "Ignorance & Lies" was released on January 16th, 2010 to rave reviews by critics and fans alike. They begin working on their yet to be titled follow up in March 2011 (as compiled on the bands website).

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Adrian and the Sickness ..

Adrian and the Sickness is an undeniable front of infectious pop concoction wrapped around electric, bombastic rock and roll. They have been wowing live audiences with sweet melody and sheer sonic power since their debut in February 2004.
You can see them LIVE:
Thursdy, October 27, 2011 9pm
Emo's East
2015 E. Riverside
Austin, TX 78741

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cancer Killing Gemini ..

Cancer Killing Gemini's free song for June: Taxidermy Song  ( Taxidermy Song )

So we're out with Andrew for dinner one night and he starts to describe how he found a dead coyote on the side of the road. He takes it home and then, over the next few months, buries it in the ground, digs it up, skins it, guts it and boils the bones in a pot on the kitchen stove. Had it been anyone other than Andrew, I might have lost my appetite, but his suave, clever style somehow made this acceptable dinner conversation. The images of this process stayed in my head. Later that week, "Taxidermy Song" started to take shape.

We left the electronics behind for this one. Back to straight-ahead rock. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals and of course, Max's dirty clav.

I hope you enjoy Cancer Killing Gemini's free song for June: Taxidermy Song

Friday, October 25, 2013

Give 'Em Hell Boys ..

The Give 'Em Hell Boys are Edmonton's premier Hillbilly, Honky Tonk, Country & Western noise makers. Tearin' up the countryside with Chart Toppin' tunes n Chart Toppin' good looks. Comin' atcha at ...

Members: San Quentin, Charlie Scream, Bagga Dix, Barn Jovi, Bootsy Cline, Callin' Hell (per the bands website).

Band Interests:   Drinkin', Smokin', Womin', Pickin', Yellin', and Fried Chickin'.

Read and listen at:

Lee - Something tells me that these Boys know how to party!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brooke Mackintosh ..

A natural born singer, by the age of five she was performing original musical compositions. Finding solace in writing with her dad's acoustic Fender in her teens, her passion for songwriting began.   In 2006, she relocated and submersed herself in the San Diego music scene where she met and instantly befriended award-winning producer, Sven-Erik Seaholm and released her first album a year later. Within a few years Seaholm and Mackintosh realized their true harmony potential and began performing as the duo, Seaholm Mackintosh. Now, with multilple record projects, Brooke continues her career as a solo performer and studio musician, specializing in harmonies and songwriting. (as compiled on Brooke's website)

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Nichols Family ..

The Nichols Family Gospel Hour are a band that belongs in no certain genre of music. With styles of Acoustic, Metal, Blues, Rock & Classical mixed with a depressing, bleak atmosphere. The band purposely strayed away from things that would label them a certain category/genre of music.

“We wanted to do something that we’d never heard before. We are fans of so many styles of music and bands from really mellow and beautiful to really heavy and beautiful…I love melodic instrumental acoustic stuff with violins and cellos and wanted to do something to incorporate those instruments with ideas I’ve had. As a musician, Stevie Ray, Iommi and Dime are idols…But bands like Pink Floyd, Opeth, Antimatter or Anathema are what really moves my soul so I guess that’s a part of my inspiration too.” says Darren Nichols, the guitarist/songwriter of the band. TNFGH consists of 2 brothers, David & Darren Nichols - a band of no genre. The soundtrack to a movie that was never made (as compiled from the bands website).

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kafka ..

Kafka is a unique voice...  I dig the hell out of the vibe this band puts out . "   -  Lee

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Wolf ..

...and the people come..."Hi Lee... Alex from Dear Wolf here.
I,m sending you the link to our latest single " and the people come " from our new album, which will be released
in march 2011." 

We play the hell out of this band because I love their music!  

My best from the great American desert.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Triptique on the stream ..

Triptyque is truly a unique groove...  Thing is we should all be trying to leak music like this into our ears.  At the very least as a dessert.  Sweet, sweet, sweet... and not mainstream corporate BS."  - Lee

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Redwater on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

There is a part of the population that is yearning for what is true in this life. People that WANT to wake up from the coma of illusion that has been forced upon us by many external forces. Can it be possible anymore in a world of increasingly forced and processed thought, that music SHOULDN'T be made and tested for the sole reason of becoming a product to sell to the masses?

A group of people that came together to break out of this mediocrity and suffering who are not afraid to take chances on any level--Adventurous song structures, diverse & eclectic sound, going wherever the music takes them but still keeping focus on melody and emotion--A group of musicians fully engaged in pushing the evolution of music while still keeping a solid footing in what has come before.

Four individuals that bring every conceivable emotion that is in ones soul to the music they create...They go by the name....REDWATER. In the simplest sense, they are a rock n' roll band that has an undying drive to create & to explore. There are no limits, and that's the way they like it. (per this amazing band's webpage)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lee loves this band ... The Lonely Wild! Brilliant, unique vibe for the earbone!~

Music Video Premiere for "Buried In the Murder"

The Lonely Wild via 
Oct 8 (8 days ago)

to me
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Our brand-new video for "Buried In the Murder" premieres today on Team Coco!

We are hitting the road this week on our trip to the east coast.
Mark your calendars!

Wed, Oct 9  /  Albuquerque, NM  /  Low Spirits

Fri, Oct 11  /  Nashville, TN  /  Exit/In  /  Tickets

Sat, Oct 12  /  Birmingham, AL  /  Cask and Drum Festival  /  Tickets

Tue, Oct 15 — Young Giant Showcase  /  New York, NY  /  Arlene’s Grocery

Wed, Oct 16 — Deli Mag Showcase  /  New York, NY  /  Rockwood Music Hall

Wed, Oct 16 — CMJ Official Showcase  /  New York, NY  /  Lit Lounge

Thu, Oct 17  /  Philadelphia, PA  /  North Star Bar  /  Tickets

Fri, Nov 8  /  Los Angeles, CA  /  The Echoplex  /  Tickets


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Luck of Eden Hall - freakin' amazing vibe!

Goldmine Magazine Interview

This extended interview is part of a story about Fruits de Mer Records and their success over the past five years. Curvey talks about The Luck of Eden Hall’s history with the label and their new release Victoria Moon.
Goldmine Magazine Interview
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The Stream Movie Soundtrack

Victoria Moon is born! Up next is the release of a wonderful film called The Stream featuring original soundtrack music by Curvey. A moving adventure where you need the force of friendship to prevail.
Share, post, encourage everyone you know to see the film in theatres on 10/18-10/19-10/20 — this is opening weekend. And if we want more cities, more theatres — then we need to fill seats on opening weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cyrstal Caravan on Pluto ..

Cover Photo
Next week, on Friday the 24th, With Them You Walk Alone is released on LP! Check out the very limited transparent red edition! Only available from Record Heaven, now available for pre-order!
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Jars of Clay tour info ..

Hello Jars fans,
We hope this finds you all well and moving into the Fall. We have been able to see Nashville's colors slowly turn as we have enjoyed some downtime between tour dates. And speaking of tour dates..............
October Dates
The INLAND Tour is back on the road soon so please come on out.
Plus, we have some new Holiday shows in the works, so check out our website.
Amazon MP3 Editor's Pick
As we noted before, Amazon's editors have hand-selected INLAND to be offered up for only $5 (US-Only). The LAST DAY to get this offer is Tuesday, October 15th so if you wanted to take advantage of this great digital album deal, please do so before it is gone!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pass of Era ..

Pass of EraLike all music you and I have ever enjoyed, Pass of Era seeks to move you from this world into the visceral realm of human emotion - a place where you can fully immerse yourself in a journey that builds it's own reality as time moves forward. That feeling of discovery and passion is why we are here - to write - to perform - to listen - to share. This is the world built by three young musicians from Edmonton, Alberta. This is the story of Pass of Era.
The group is currently nearing the release of their debut EP titled "The Scripted Dream" (slated for a January, 2011 release) whilst beginning work on their first full length concept album and preparing to hit the scene and bring their story to the stage. (per the band's webpage)


Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

yes.. a Giant on the stream ..

Going to see a show should be about what happens that day, in that room, between that audience and that performer. It shouldn't be a carbon copy of the same performance from the night before. How I slept, what I ate, the conversations I had, the articles I read: all of those things affect my brain chemistry and how I'm going to interact with the songs that day. Making art is an incredible opportunity to synthesize and reinterpret our unique lived experiences and reintroduce them to the world as shared dreams of sound and light. If I used canned backing tracks I'd be robbing myself of that opportunity.

I want the freedom to make mistakes. Mistakes are far more human and interesting than mechanized accuracy. Be suspicious of anyone who wants to scrub art of its imperfections. As soon as art becomes perfect, it dies. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Like Johny Cash on the Pluto Radio ..

E.G. Towne

Sounds Like: Johnny Cash, Gordon Lightfoot
Manager: Me, Myself and I
Bio: Singer/songwriter with an old school sound. My bring back a "country sound" somewhat forgotten, and on the shelf waiting for a renaissance.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cool, interesting, new vibe on Pluto Radio

Menhirs of Er Grah - Different World

2qvsj84.jpgBritish musician Thomas Carter doesn't stay in one genre for very long. His project March Rosetta has two albums out on the Clinical Archive netlabel which are quite different from each other. One is a pleasant and mildly avant-garde instrumental effort of electronic music while the other is a more mainstream pop outing.

Again, Mr. Carter shift gears with his new musical project Menhirs of Er Grah. Named after a Megalithic structure in France the music is as sparse and lonely as the stone. Different World can best be described as folk music. It is simply Carter's voice and guitar with another second guitar dubbed in later. The sound is, to put it simply, quite beautiful. Carter's voice has a not unpleasant wavering quality that communicates vulnerability. The guitar work provides a steady base for the lyrics which are complex yet intimate. I especially like the title track and "Red Roses". This is slow and meandering music, easy to relax to but full of meaning

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roger Blick on Pluto Radio..

"This guy rocks the hell out of his guitar!"  - Lee


I have been playing guitar for many years, my guitars are my friends, & music has helped me through many hard times. Music is a way that I can express what's in my heart & soul, I hope everyone enjoys the music I have on here.

Member Since:

December 15, 2008


Profile Maps

From my old bar-band days... in My Photos by

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Solstice Coil ..

Solstice Coil launches crowdfunding campaign to record new album

Solstice Coil, Israel’s first alt-prog-rock band formed on the web, has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the band’s upcoming third album on indiegogo.

After self-producing and self-financing the successful debut ‘A Prescription for Paper Cuts’ (2005) and its follow-up ‘Natural Causes’ (2011), Solstice Coil is joining the latest trend in the industry and turning to its fans for help in financing the creation of the band’s new album.

Fans who choose to pledge for the album will receive a variety of unique rewards including special credit on the album, stickers, an exclusive remixed version of A Prescription for Paper Cuts, and more.

The more creative fans will even get the chance to partake in the actual album by recording vocals for one of the songs, and even sending in their own lyrics for Solstice Coil to compose and record.

The campaign features a humoristic video much akin to the band’s 2011 Dream Theater Parody, which scored Solstice Coil some major internet points. The indiegogo video includes some very surprising guests.

The first 100 people to pledge and preorder the album will receive a significant discount. This fundraiser has a fixed goal of 6,000, which means it’s all or nothing - so if you’re a Solstice Coil fan don’t wait and pledge now!

To watch the video, review the various offers and pledge for the album, click on the following link:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Will Carroll ..

"I am what you hear...Emotion applied to sound, applied to the passing of time...
Will Carroll, singer, songwriter, musician.....from Connecticut, a great place to grow I got a paper route to pay for piano lessons and started a band with my friends ...played in a lot of bands with some now famous people, been on the same bill with Ringo Starr and All Stars (Joe Walsh,Todd Rundgren,Timothy B. Schmidt, Burton Cummings of Guess Who) Yes (with Rick Wakeman), J Geils, Gregg Allman, Joe Ely, Bonnie Raitt, NRBQ,..and Michael Bolton was lead guitar& singer for one of my earliest bands "Wheatfield Ash"..anyways...made some records ya know...traveled all over the place playin ,havin fun...long story short,so when I was down in Dallas Texas for over 20 years...playin out every now an then, working on some new songs, and now after moving and set up back in Oxford, Connecticut,there will be more songs and maybe some local live performances on the way, and life still goes on an on an on an on......

The internet is a great thing for me,you get to hear what now holds my sanity in check, my music...
John Lennon said in his song"life is what happens to you,while your busy making other plans"...
Thanks for listenin, you don't know how much I appreciate it and hearing from you all..."(all as compiled on Will Carroll's website)
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hungry Lucy.. always amazing.

Hungry Lucy have been making "gypsy electronica" since Nov, 1998. Their unique blend of haunting female vocals, rich electronic instrumentation and groovy beats is ever evolving with each new release. Since 1998, Hungry Lucy has released many albums, made countless compilation appearances and toured the U.S. several times.

"Intoxicating gypsy electronica with enchanting female vocals"


Space Bee ..

SPACE BEE is a rock band with a unique style that incorporates a wide range of colors to its music, from Arabian scales to a psychedelic feel, to a powerful, vintage rock sound.

“LIVE IN SPACE!” is the name of their first LP which got pretty good reviews from critics all over.

IT'S ALIVE! VOL.1 is finally out...the tour began in Equator and continued in Argentina. Back in Peru, 2010 started with a bunch of gigs and presentations such as opening for Guns n' Roses in March....

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Space Bee is:
Aldo- Vocals
Percy- Lead Guitar
Gonzalo - Keyboard
Andres - Bass Guitar
Bongo- Drums

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Alpha Prevail on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

With roots in Orange County, CA, Alpha Prevail is made up of four young men with a lust for life and a passion for good, honest music.  Alpha Prevail mixes a strong pallete of hard rock force with colorful artistic technicality. Their sound can be defined as Modern Arena Rock, somewhere in the vein of Linkin Park, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance.Their unique style is pulled from the minds of lead singer Daniel Mckim, drummer Andy Gardikas, bassist Steve Stelling, and guitarist Chris Griffith.

In a phrase, ALPHA PREVAIL can be defined as Self-Actualization; the achievement of one's full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world. Regardless of what your passion is, ALPHA PREVAIL is the harnessing of that emotion, the recognition of the talents you possess, and the channeling of the two to achieve your goals and dreams (as compiled from the bands website).

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Tenpenny Joke ..

Formed in Melbourne, Australia, Tenpenny Joke have built a huge following after years of stellar live performances and successful independent releases. Their music has been featured as the soundtrack to various surf/skate DVDs and is aired regularly on Australian radio, while their music videos, are available on YouTube and have frequently been seen on Australian TV. The band released their debut album, 'Ambush On All Sides.'and features 15 killer tracks and has been receiving an excellent local and international response. Fiercely original while recalling elements of Zeppelin, Floyd, Alice In Chains, Sabbath, Tool & various rock greats, it offers something for everyone with a taste for powerful melodic rock (as compiled on the bands website)
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plastique Noir ..

 Plastique Noir is a Brazilian gothic/post-punk band born in the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 at Fortaleza-CE-Brazil, whose current members are Airton S (voice/electronics), Márcio Mäzela (electric guitar) and Danyel (bass/guitars). Suddenly it got notoriety at its homecity, where its gigs became habitual in the main local nightclubs and festivals. It has been invited yet in its early months for doing the opening act for Cruxshadows (USA) Brazilian Tour and other performings through several Brazilian states. (per band website)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

... from the far reaches of the galaxy...

Cancer Killing Gemini ..

Barely in time for Halloween….
Cancer Killing Gemini’s homage to horror film cliches

“Horror Movie Song” music video
I Hunger Productions
Cinematographer: Adam Van Voorhis
Producer: Phil Healy
Projection Design: Seághan McKay
Gaffer: Chris Husta
Camera Assistant: Amanda McGrady
Next shows:
11/10 Valentine’s in Albany, NY w/ Bishop
11/15 ME Upstairs in Cambridge, MA w/ Bear Language and Juice
Porn star, dumb guy
Full moon climbs through a starless sky
Black car, brake lights
The air in this town doesn’t feel quite right
Old man, with just one eye
That’s no reason not to trust a guy
Cliche, right here
“We should split up”
That’s a great idea
Now I want to see some vampires
I want to see the girl chased
Then I want to see a werewolf
I want to see their car crash
I wanna see the doll child
Crawling up the staircase
I want to see the porn star
Mangled in the car crash
Farm house, porch light
Let’s go inside and stay for the night
Come see what I found
“Is it a big ancient book where the words move around?”
Just then the old man
Flailing around with a knife in his hand
Outside, best part
Never would’ve guessed that the car wouldn’t start
Is the old man gonna get me
I thought we killed him yesterday
Now he’s some kind of zombie
If he bites me
I will try to eat your brains
Just shoot me in the head we’ll be okay
In the sequel I’m undead
Happy Halloween!