Monday, February 29, 2016

Poolside Plano # 22216

Poolside Plano # 22216 w/ Mr. Thomas Trapp is currently in play on the commercial free Pluto Radio steam...  This show features the music of Aleks Sever, Buckethead, Travid Dickerson, Sea Olena, Red Plastic Budha, Wo Fat, Tongue Bundle, The Dirty Diary, She Makes War, Skid Roper, Black Water Risen, Audrey Fall.  This show is in three hour rotation throughout the end of day, Wed, 03.02.16.  Always good to have another Poolside Plano on the Zone!

Pluto Radio # 00506

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pluto Radio # 00010 UNSUNG episode #00010

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Regarding Commercials on the Pluto Radio Youtube stream...

NOTES: directly from our Youtube channel.  "Any COMMERCIAL MATERIAL contained in this video presentation is due to the Youtube  " Monetized by claimant" policy.  Which means that any profit made by screening this video is credited to the legal copyright holder of the song that is currently in play. makes no profit, as any and all profit is forwarded directly to the artist through this process.  Finally, a tool for artists to gain a fiscal result from their amazing efforts.   WE POST OUR SHOWS here on Youtube in an attempt to promote the artists that we support on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream @"

Pluto Radio # 00044

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pluto Radio # 00607

the Station ..

Running the new interface/player, everything is almost back to normal after a major station hack at the end of January.   Thank you listeners for your patience.  =LEE=

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

We are switching the main broadcast of the commercial free Pluto Radio stream to - you will find several player options at that location.  The winamp selection tends to work on cellphones and tablets.  We will be loading our archive onto youtube @  This blog will be changing its content as well...  We intend to use it to broadcast newly loaded archival shows.  Enjoy.

= Lee
Anytime I'm able to listen to internet radio, of course it's  - just heard my buddy Thomas Trapp w/ his show here on Pluto Radio, Poolside Plano...  Freakin' amazing!  Thank you as always Thomas for adding amazing vibe to the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

The downside is, I think Stalker Kimmy's still chasing me.  Regardless, we pla¥ great music, and fucking (for those that don't know) David Bowie died. 

= Lee
Just played a three song set by the GlenLivers...  Freakin' love the GlenLivers...

 = Lee
We are changing our approach here at the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...  We will soon be switching the way we use this blog.  Not phasing it out, just looking at a healthy reuse in combination with our new site w/ radio player @  Regardless, thank you all for listening, and, I do believe the changes will be a plus.  (the stream will be the same).  I know via my own life experiences that those of us who function outside of the mainstream need to continuously sharpen our efforts.  Thank you to all of our wonderful patrons!  Our changes merely attempt to present alternative living, thinking, and being, in a better way.  Yes, fucking survival upon this savage planet!

= Lee for the direct stream, outside of the blog.  the beginning of the newer Pluto.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A working player of the commercial free Pluto Radio stream...

Loading ...

Okay, we finally believe we are close to some new solutions here @ Pluto Radio.  Here is a player from our new final destination.  We expect to migrate to an official URL and away from our blog format in the next couple weeks.  Thank you all for being our patrons"


Monday, February 1, 2016

Gordon Duthie

Gordon Duthie
Aberdeenshire music artist - Gordon Duthie - has released an audio comedy show on his website which spoofs syndicated radio, podcasts, adverts / commercials and his artistic persona.  The "The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcast - North East Radio" is available as a free download and reveals another side to Gordon's creative writing versatility.  This change of direction takes some influence from his past music projects - "Shire and City" and "Multimedia Monster" - and hints at a future deviation from his perceived melancholy sound.

The premise of the show is as follows:  A week ago today (13th of January) in 1913 the first radio broadcast was transmitted from The Metropolitan Opera House in New York, showcasing performances of the classic Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci operas.  Today, internet troll - Johan "The Code" Cracker - breaks new ground by hosting the "The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcastwhich now means "you don't need a screen to laugh at a deluded dream".  Inspired by the revolving media circus door of disposable reality culture, "The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcast" provides a "regular reality hilarity fix" within the previously untapped radio broadcast market, moving away from the traditional public humiliation format of reality television.  In this featured episode, Johan has somehow found a failed pilot radio show produced by North East Radio, who are the Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire arm of a UK wide syndicated radio network owned by a multinational media company.  The failed pilot also had an unlikely host, the struggling Scottish music artist Gordon Duthie, who had accepted a shock offer to host this new show after finding himself broke, disillusioned and out of ideas.  A recipe for disaster which provoked one of Johan's signature catchpharses;  "Epic Reality Radio Fail Alert!"

Running Order:

1. The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcast - North East Radio
2. “The Odor Neutralizer Grenade” Commercial
3. Interview with Zac Radke – Music’s Money Making Machine
4. “Dude I Hate My Rich Dad” Movie Trailer
5. North East News
6. A Chat with Clichy about Football
7. “Cash for Blow” Commercial
8. A Very Scottish Christmas
9. Will We Ever Hear from Him Again?
10. “Shave(r) Grater” Commercial

 "The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcast - North East Radio" features a multinational cast and can also be streamed on sites such as SoundCloud and YouTube.


About Gordon Duthie

Gordon began producing his self-funded debut album - "Shire and City" - seriously in 2008 and it was released to the general public in July 2012. The album attracted critical praise from music journalists for it's original and eclectic style and was featured on multinational media outlets such as STVThe Scotsman and Altsounds as well as local media publications such as the Evening Express and numerous newspapers distributed across North East Scotland by Johnston Press.
Gordon has appeared as the featured guest on both Waves Radio and Spark Sunderland which are FM Radio Stations in the UK. Songs from "Shire and City" have also received FM radio airplay across the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Italy and so on.

Gordon began writing and preparing his second music project immediately after the release of "Shire and City". One of the principle aims of the project was to improve the production level of the songs. To do this he invested in some new high level equipment and spent a day at Steve Mason's (The Beta Band King Biscuit Time / Black Affair) KronK Studio in Fife to learn new production techniques.

Released in August 2013, "Multimedia Monster" has attracted critical praise from music journalists for it's original and eclectic style and has been featured in multinational media outlets such as The Daily Record. Songs from "Multimedia Monster" have also received radio airplay globally, appearing on broadcasts such as Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio show.