Tuesday, December 30, 2014

SPACE BEE - Psychedelic / Vintage Rock!

SPACE BEE is a rock band with a unique style that incorporates a wide range of colors to its music, from Arabian scales to a psychedelic feel, to a powerful, vintage rock sound.

“LIVE IN SPACE!” is the name of their first LP which got pretty good reviews from critics all over.

IT'S ALIVE! VOL.1 is finally out...the tour began in Equator and continued in Argentina. Back in Peru, 2010 started with a bunch of gigs and presentations such as opening for Guns n' Roses in March....

Read more:  www.reverbnation.com/spacebee

Space Bee is:
Aldo- Vocals
Percy- Lead Guitar
Gonzalo - Keyboard
Andres - Bass Guitar
Bongo- Drums

Monday, December 29, 2014

MOON PROTOTYPE - Electronic Sounds of Mystery, Sensuality and Bitterness

MP was born during the night in 1998. Electronic sounds, mix of mystery, sensuality and bitterness assumed, bittersweet vocals, MP must be tasted with eyes half closed. The ancestry takes place in the world of its creator, Olivier Jung. The influences are very diverse, Tricky to Nine Inch Nails through Luke Slater, Radiohead and Depeche Mode, Wovenhand to Deftones. MP is located between Paris and 
the Moon. After “Melanclimax” in 2004, MP has published in 2009 a new Ep entitled “Born Into This”, composed, recorded and mixed in one week, “a week, a track, an hour.” The new album “Dusty Lane” was released one month later. In late 2008, the EP “Red”, announces a musical turn, launching MP in new lands of sound. In late 2009, MP released a collection of remixes for various bands over the 10 past years. In 2011, MP undergoes many changes: life, hopes, ghosts, joys and sorrows will finaly give birth to “From My Belly”, consisting of five haunted songs which will make you dream about your darkest passions. Pregnancy is difficult but necessary.  (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more:  www.facebook.com/moonprototype

Sunday, December 28, 2014

HOTELS & HIGHWAYS - Cabin Grown Music!

At a crucial moment of quiet intensity, the members of Hotels & Highways heard the wind rustling the trees in their headphones. For any other project it would have been an unwelcome signal to cut the take short and try again when there was golden silence. Instead, the three newly-committed band members smiled at their good fortune and carried on playing, the wind and trees now indelible partners in the song’s performance.
It was September 2010 and these songwriters were getting to be well-versed in letting their temporary home in the woods be a part of the creative process. They’d come to a lakeside cabin in New York to fulfill a mutual, career-long dream of living together while recording an album. A week-long tour of the Northeast had been booked immediately following the 10-day writing and recording retreat. The material was largely unwritten. The sound had not been clearly defined. But with each day’s new songs and each night’s recording sessions, what began as a joyful experiment in creativity and trust evolved quickly into an emerging full-length album and a well-received tour. Hotels & Highways, originally a nom de plume for songs a group of friends wrote together, had quietly and gracefully transformed into a band (as compiled from the bands website).

Read more:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

THE PHANTOM CREEPS - Psychobilly & Punk

The Phantom Creeps are three guys hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the Psychobilly/Rockabilly world. Blending Rockabilly, Punk, Country, Psychobilly and good ole' fashioned Rock into their own brand of Hellbilly Rock and Roll, they have established themselves as a band to be reckoned with! Only a few years into existence, The Creeps have been very busy - releasing their debut, self-titled album in the summer of 2009, and their second release, ‘Hellbilly Rebel Fire’ in 2011. They have been playing non-stop and promoting themselves tirelessly.

The Creeps have garnered much attention in the Psychobilly & Punk scene by sharing the stage with such heavyweights as The Guana Batz, The Creepshow, Deadbolt, The Brains, Big John Bates, The Deadcats, The Raygun Cowboys and numerous other bands. Indie and College radio play is coming fast and furious with stations from Canada, U.S., The U.K. and Australia all getting on board. With tight, energetic live performances and great album reviews fuelling the fire.

2012 is shaping up to be the year of the Creep!   Come on in and ride with us down Route 666!!!!!! (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: http://www.phantomcreeps.com/

Friday, December 26, 2014

HUMAN CYCLE - Alternative / Indie / Rock

Human Cycle began their cultural and musical performance in the year 2004. The band is from the city of Gaia-Porto. Influenced by different styles of musical and cultural matrix, the members of the group found in the heart of the band, a balance between rock with a touch of soul (soul rock) and electronic rhythms. The first EP was recorded and mixed in the studios Indústria Rock, in Penafiel, with the Producer Rodolfo Cardoso and Paulo Pintado. The Second record was Produced by human cycle and mixed by Rodolfo Cardoso. The video Anankê (one shine sane) has already more than half a million views in youtube.  (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more:  www.myspace.com/humancycle

Thursday, December 25, 2014

GIVE EM HELL BOYS - Hillbilly!

Drinkin', Smokin', Womin', Pickin', Yellin', and Fried Chickin'

Born in the stringed circles of Edmonton, AB, Canada, the Give 'em Hell Boys emerged from a slew of late night jams and backyard BBQ's as a unique brand of twang punk.  Their style fuses classic outlaw country styles with break nech blue grass rhythms and punk rock attitude. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.facebook.com/giveemhellboys

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

TEN YEAR VAMP - Four Rockin' Dudes & A Super Hot Chick

Ten Year Vamp... female-fronted, high-energy, modern radio rock... Pink meets the Foo Fighters with pints full of personality, charm, and sex appeal! Described by music media as the next No Doubt, Ten Year Vamp has sold thousands of CD's, earning them a spot on the Billboard charts and numerous local, regional, and national awards along the way.

Ten Year Vamp's latest release is called Lust, a 5 track, high energy pop/rock collection with a unique perspective on love and lust. "Every night we're playing in some club or concert hall watching the audience. We've seen every possible permutation of love and lust… the stories unfold right in front of us." says front-woman Debbie Gabrione. "We had fantastic success with our last album and the royalties are still great. These new songs are even better and we'll work hard to make sure we get even better publishing deals this time around" says Mark Rose, co-owner of Ten Year Vamp with Gabrione. 

The band has performed two to four shows a week at hundreds of venues across the Northeast USA, including CBGBs, The Knitting Factory and the 20,000+ Saratoga Performing Arts Center. They've shared the bill with bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Lifehouse, Good Charlotte, One Republic, Gavin DeGraw, Finger Eleven, Fuel, Spin Doctors, The Gin Blossoms, Natasha Beddingfield, Simple Plan, Jason Derulo, Kevin Rudolf, Sean Kingston and many more. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.tenyearvamp.com

Monday, December 22, 2014

DREAMKILLERS - Metal / Punk / Rock

The Dreamkillers are a rehearsed train crash at the wrong junction, with the Gas Clown at the wheel...... !

Society had hit the wall,great leaders were on thier knees.Wonders of the machine age clashed with the new arrivals from the digital arena, from secret corners of the back of the mind...Enter the DREAMKILLERS..The back catalouge sells for hundreds of dollars with out covers on EBAY [a unique achivement arising from fiece independance]. From the west they rode...five completely different horsemen fused at the hip and bonded by the sword...a massive BANG...two consecutive lightning sticks and the reality raced to the starting line.

HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS,TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES IN YOUR ARMS...................THIS IS NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. ..........................YOU ASKED FOR IT, SO THEY CAME (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.myspace.com/dreamkillers

Friday, December 19, 2014

THE GRAND ASTORIA - Rock, St. Petersburg Style......

They are The Grand Astoria. They were born and raised under the scorching sun of Russia's South and their music first saw the light of day in the blistering cold of St. Petersburg. They don't want to call their music any names but for the lack of better words are often labeled as psychedelic stoner punk band.   Even though punk rock and metal are two major influences they enjoy rock music in all its diversity, so when you listen to TGA's new record you never know what's coming up next. It could be a metal hymn, or a psychedelic vibe or a skillful bluesy number. It may sound crazy but somehow all these styles and grooves come together in really a beautiful way in TGA's music. With their love to old-school and willingness to experiment the band wins the hearts of fans and critics alike all over the world. They write music, tour with it and repeat the cycle again, succeeding in surprising their audience with the never heard before blend of rhythms and cultures.
The members mention Iron Maiden,Mudhoney, Megadeth, Faith No More and Jimi Hendrix among their major influences. DIY ethic is the usual way the band arranges their tours and record deals.

You can easily find their records for free across the internet. During the fall of 2010 The Grand Astoria played 40 shows across Europe in support of their second album. Their third album named "Omnipresence" was released at January 1, 2011. A World Tour has been announced for the whole year as well via the band's myspace (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.reverbnation.com/thegrandastoria

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

HOT MOLASSES - Alternative / Shoe-Gaze / Indie-Pop-Beard-Core

Hot Molasses doesn't like to talk about the past...........so get your plugs in and listen to this amazing band! 
Check them out on Reverbnation


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ANGSTROM - Metal / Rock

So we’re 5 guys from So Cal, we’ve finished our first album and just finished our first video. In a nutshell:   Bryan plays guitar when he’s not camping with raccoons or snowboarding, he also plays a mean game o’ beer-pong. Erick loves the drums, probably ‘cause the government or a drum company implanted a chip in his head that made him do it. Jay shreds the other guitar when he’s not uh... calmly… shredding people with Jiu-Jitsu? Mike destroys the bass, when he doesn’t have to deal with black widows coming out of his shorts (true story). He can also be seen with Mr. Hyperactive Frank (Vocals) drinking cheap beer and throwing a stuffed green turtle to Gus (Jay’s dog). We like and are influenced by so many different bands ranging from The Big 4 of Thrash, Seattle and 90’s grunge bands, Tool, RATM, Pantera to Led Zep, The Beatles, and lots in between, before and after. But most of all, we have a great respect and appreciation for the history of Rock n’ Roll. (as compiled on the bands website)
Read more: www.reverbnation.com/angstrom

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chris Klimecky on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

  Chris Klimecky Band

Seattle, WA
Rock / Alternative / Melodic

Play Songs »   Share Songs »   Visit Profile »

Hi admin@plutoradio.com,

We're fast approaching the new year and I wanted to invite you to one more exciting show I've got planned for 2014. It unintentionally ended up being a very acoustic year, so it's only appropriate that we finish it in my acoustic trio configuration at 88 Keys in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle - Wednesday, Dec. 17th starting at 8:00pm (I will go on closer to 10pm). Even more importantly, there will be three other performers, including my good friend Clint McCune who is an incredibly talented and soulful performer. If you haven't heard him before, that's reason enough to include this evening on your holiday celebrations list! It will be a fun and spirited performance at a great location. Please join us!

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season,


Friday, December 12, 2014

DAVE ARMO - A Tapestry of Musical Textures

Dave Armo was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of 5, his parents gave him a Bruce Springsteen tape for Christmas which inspired Dave to become a musician and writer. Dave's songwriting has become an endless endeavor which continues to produce new sounds for an ever-expanding catalog that is marked by themes of hope and redemption. Fans are known to bring homemade cookies to his live shows, which is something Dave does not understand, but greatly appreciates. (as compiled on Dave Armo's website)

Read more:  http://www.davearmo.com/

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Nothingdoers are a Moscow band formed in 2004 by Igor Ivanov (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and George Manaev (guitars, bass, vocals), also known by monikers Harry Johnson and George Manson, respectively. The Nothingdoers play contemporary folk-rock oriented music with English lyrics.

Because of the appalling situation with independent music recordings in Russia, The Nothingdoers cling to the principles of DIY in their recordings and in the process of album promotion, so they still remain unsigned and plan to continue releasing their future recordings under the Creative Commons license. 

Starting their collaboration as a two-guitar act, the guys recorded their first two albums, “The Unplugged Room Of Killed Time” (2004) and “Tonight” (2005) using cheap mics and home PCs. After 2005, Igor and George played together in some indie-rock and punk bands, improving their skills as stage performers and then got back to their home studios to record their third full-length album, “Twenty Past Sixteen” (2008), which is now available for free download on the Web, at www.myspace.com/thenothingdoers, more in blog. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more:  www.myspace.com/thenothingdoers

Saturday, December 6, 2014

TIME CODE ALPHA - Alternative / Experimental / Progressive

Founder member Peter Lazar has been composing songs for many years. Ranging from 70's flavoured symphonic-melodic rock in the vein of classic Yes, to, let's say, what fellow Swedes Pain of Salvation are now doing in the prog-metal genre of today.

Coming across Mads Claussen (Biscaya, Empire) to help out with lead vocals, also meant getting encouragement to present the demos on MySpace. An absolutely overwhelming result with a million plus visitors just craved for action in finally forming a band and produce an album. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.myspace.com/timecodealpha

Thursday, December 4, 2014

JACKSON RODGERS - Satisfy The Need!

Jackson Rodgers' story began shortly after he learned how to write about himself in the third person. Dragged regularly by his father to the church of the New Traditionalists, Jackson learned quickly to heed the lessons of Fathers Desert Rose, Yoakam, Earle, and Stuart, as well as those of Sisters McKee and Carlson. Alas, like all children, Jackson the Rodgers eventually began to yearn for something more; and so he began to seek out the teachings of prior generations, such as those of his namesake, Jackson the Browne. Rodgers' first, fleeting step outside the teachings of his youth enthralled his young mind, and so he strove onward on his quest to acquire more disparate musical knowledge, soon discovering such luminaries as Sirs Jennings and Nelson, as well as His Highness of Broken Hearts, King George. Further excursions would bring him to know the wisdom of the ones they call Dylan, Springsteen, Parsons, Graffin, and Gurewitz.
For many years, young Rodgers would languish in the thinking that he could never properly apply all he had learned. And then, one day, 'round the age of 16, he wrote "Satisfy the Need," and he saw that it was good. Thus began his songwriting journey, which so far has culminated in two albums' worth of material and the demos on this page (as stated on Jackon's webpage).
Where things go from here, only circumstance knows...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Poolside Plano 112314 on the commercial free Pluo Radio planet.T?h

Thomas Trapp with his latest PoolSide Plano radio show here @ plutoradio.com
Poolside Plano 112314 is currently in 3 hour rotation on the stream and will play throughout Thursday, December 4th. 

This is a hard rocking band...

Can Any American Band Out Rock Black Angel? Time To Vote Inbox x Black Angel Nov 30 (2 days ago) to JL, bcc: admin Listening to some of our rock 'n' roll songs tonight made me think........Can any American band out rock Black Angel today? With elements of The Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin, Credence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Black Angel is a formidable rock band.  You listen. You decide. Attached is an MP3 of the song "I've Got My Eyes On You, Baby", which can't be downloaded from Soundcloud as it has reached the maximum number of downloads. Links are to the other two Black Angel rockers that we would like you to check out and compare to the best American rock 'n' roll bands today. Confused- https://soundcloud.com/blackangelband/confused Yummy Friend- https://soundcloud.com/blackangelband/yummy-friend ​

= I dig this band: LEE CRISMAN.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BIG WHEEL STUNT SHOW - We want the Rock, You want the Rock... We bring the Rock.

the NEW ----- Big Wheel Stunt Show album has been finished!!!! Mixing and Mastering shall commence shortly.... and it's ON!!!   8 Tracks 37+ Minutes of....

Tacoma's hardest working original rock band, with over 140 Original shows together since dishing it live for the first time on May 21, 2009.

Drawing influence from the likes of MC5, Grand Funk, Muddy Waters, the Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Motown, Black Sabbath and a veritable World of Others - BIG WHEEL STUNT SHOW - has consistently played to Smiling Faces and Well-Rung Ears - Spanning the GREATER PUGET SOUND, OREGON, IDAHO, UTAH, NEVADA, CALIFORNIA and TEXAS.....so far...MORE ON TAP. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: http://www.bigwheelstuntshow.com/

Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Amazing Poolside Plano coming up...

Okay, just received a new Poolside Plano that we will be posting in the next couple days... Just wanna say  -  Thomas, brilliant music load for us here on the commercial free stream @ plutoradio.com  Thanks for the great work brother!

(I'm listening as I blog) - Lee

EARLSTOWN WINTER - Country / Folk Rock

Vancouver folk-country artists Earlstown Winter released their five-track EP, which plays much in the same vein of local group Eldorado with their brand of sweet-loving country music. The opening track, “Porch Lights”, is a slow burning moody ballad about lost love. It has a gentle, rolling, organic feel that is a perfect introduction to the band. Porch Lights is a very laidback affair. Each song is stripped back in terms of sound, but they don’t suffer for it. Singer-songwriter Jonathan Truefitt makes it all worth listening to. Truefitt has such a unique voice that one must hear to believe, as nothing is really comparable to it. Even with a single listen, anyone would be convinced that this guy’s broken heart is authentic. The final track “Helena” is quite beautiful and is guaranteed to get a tear rolling down the cheek of those listeners with a freshly broken heart. Not something that regularly comes out of the Vancouver scene, Earlstown Winter has an unpretentious, soft and thoroughly gentle sound. There is nothing abrasive or earth shattering here—just some very pretty music. (as compiled on the bands website)

Read more: www.myspace.com/earlstownwinter

Saturday, November 29, 2014

CAB 20 - Doing Music for the Love

Three single males from a small town in southern California. One plays guitar, one plays bass, and one beats the shit out of the drums.

Cab 20 is one of the youngest up and coming bands on the Southern California independent scene.  Hailing from Wl Segundo, CA, Bert Hoover (vocals/guitar), Jason Almanza (bass/vocals/organ) and Eric Contreras (drummer) began gigging around SoCal in 2008.  Cab 20's love for vintage sounds stretches beyond just their musical influences.  Thanks to crate digging parents, the band has a love for vinyl as well.  "We're like huge fans of vinyl and having something tangible is really important for our relationship to music," says Eric.  The band even released their debut album on vinyl. (as compiled on the bands website).

Read more:  http://www.cab20music.com/

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Any O'Neall ..

We're a London based folk duo who are releasing our debut EP on November 29th & we'd love it if you could listen to the track "Dear Future Self" and maybe feature a track or two.

Here's a link to the EP on Soundcloud..

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

208 Talks of Angels ..

Good day, dear Pluto Radio!

We are very happy to reach you through the infinite web and we dare to bother you with a request.
We are a musical band from hostile Russia. But we strongly believe that our people are not the enemies, but all brothers and sisters. We sing our songs about difficulties we face, we sing about better things, that are achieved problematically, we try to stop provocations, trying to open the eyes and hearts and tell others to do the same. We believe in truth. But the songs we sing seem needless.
It will be a great honour for our musical group to offer you to listen to our works and that will be incredible if you can find some spare time for it.

The main project is called “208 Talks of angels” and it involves the diversity of all our thoughts and fantasies, styles and musical torrents. We hope with all our hearts, that you will like at least some of “208 Talks of angels”`s songs! http://soundcloud.com/208talksofangels

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey Admin @ Plutoradio.com

Hey admin@plutoradio.com

I hope the week is starting off well for you. Just dropping you a line to tell you about the Superfecta Primal Instinct Launch Party. This is being held at The Sindercombe in Shepherds Bush, London on Sat December 6th.  Support will be provided by excellent local talent Loose Joints and Mystified.

If you want to hear this superb album performed live and potentially get your hands on a copy of the album then this will be the place to do it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chirstmas Single ..

Christmas single by indie popsters - The Pocket Gods - who were discovered by the late John Peel and even get name checked in his book Margrave Of The Marshes.

They have recently been championed by the BBC's Tom Robinson who has described frontman Mark Christopher Lee as a wilfull maverick.

They were nominated for a grammy back in 2008 under best alternative album and were given odds of 50 to 1 to win by Paddy Power.

They are the most prolific band in the world having released over 70 albums and over 30 eps and singles since their imaculate misconception in 1998.

For press and interviews contact nubcountryrecords@gmail.com

Merry Christmas To One And All


Hi, Michael from the band CatsMelvin. I just finished a new EP with music producer Steve Albini. He recorded and mixed it at Electrical Audio in Chicago. There is a link below to band camp, where you can hear it.



Saturday, November 22, 2014

Noreena Gill ..

Noreena Gill's EP Launch Night "Something About You" will take place on Wednesday 26th November from 9pm in Monroes, Galway. Support on the night comes from The Songwriter Club which includes Dennis Mockler, Mike O'Connor, Padraig O'Flaithearta, Padraig Stevens, Pete Duffy & Carla Merrigan. Followed by Noreena Gill with Live Band and finishing off the night with The Galway Jazz Jam.

Noreena Gill is a Singer/Songwriter from Galway. She began her music career in musical theatre and gigging on the local circuit singing jazz and performing with local bands.

Noreena's Debut EP “Something About You” is available on Friday 24th October for download on all digital stores and available on CD from Noreena in person on the night.

The EP was recorded in the Forge Studio, Galway, mixed in the Production Suite, Dublin and mastered by Wav Mastering in Limerick. It’s got a definite Jazz Soft Soul feel. This EP has been part funded by The Galway Arts Council.

Noreena is currently preparing her set list which includes performing with a jazz jam in Galway which will begin later in the year. She also hosts The Galway Songwriter Club which has been running for a year now, which is a meet up group for people to chat about the music industry. The Club was established by Keith McLoughlin in Dublin three years ago.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Milton Star ..

Milton Star
12 January 2015
Milton Star are Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie who write and record their unique blend of indie and dark country in a converted church in darkest Fife. Each of their tracks is drenched in atmosphere -  think Velvet Underground meets vintage Glen Campbell via Rick Rubin collaborating on the next David Lynch movie or soundtracking the latest HBO crime drama…

Alan and Graeme's collaborations date back through many incarnations of live bands to the early days of post punk and a band called Thursdays who were signed to Fast Records.  After some years spent out of the music scene, they came back together in 2010, reinvigorated by a mutual dissatisfaction for what they describe as a "mostly insipid modern music scene", picking up the gauntlet to produce sweet structured melodies carried by an expansive tremolo wall of sound and a dark soul.

With shades of Soulsavers and Mark Lanegan evident, Milton Star's debut single 'Salvation' is the perfect marriage between brooding vocals and shimmering guitars underpinned by a driving beat.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black Angels ..

"Go For It"-  Featuring Micki Morris and Denise Patterson (former back up singers for Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers) singing with J. C. Martin.  A nice guitar lead by New York City video producer, Michael Merola

"Yummy Friend"-  This is the first version of this song recorded in Hollywood, CA.  A later version was recorded in Santa Barbara with Shalonda Young and Darrell Devlin.  This is the first song that Black Angel ever had played on a major Los Angeles radio station...KLOS. 

These two songs featured J. C. Martin on guitar and lead vocals; Jason Bll (aka Chuck Fraher) and Jay Pinkus on guitars and Darrell Devlin on drums.

The last song, "Sister, Would You Lead Us In Song", was alway sung by the Black Angel Girls at the end of their Saturday night shows tongue and cheeek asking the crowd to go to church the next day.  J. C. Martin is on lead vocals and guitar; Fernando "Mojo" Perez is on lead guitar; Cory Orosco is on bass; Brad Barclay is on drums; Ernie Orosco is also on guitar; back up singers include Andrea Buchanan; Melissa Gunther; Devera Edwards and Shakira Baly.

Here are the links to these fun songs:


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Perfect Beings ..

'The Making Of Perfect Beings' released 17th November
My Sonic Temple
30 June 2014

'The Making Of Perfect Beings'

This week, Perfect Beings release the video for 'the making of...' which can be seen on the video link above. This is a rather charming, interesting and personal tour through the making of the album from the individuals that make up this band, and features some great insight into how these guys worked together to make this incredible album come to pass.

I hope you will remember to give this stunning album another listen and consider it for one of your favourite Prog albums of 2014!


Ryan Hurtgen, vocals, piano   (Rene Breton)
Johannes Luley, guitars   (Moth Vellum)
Chris Tristam, bass   (Marjorie Fair, Slash)
Jesse Nason, keyboards   (Deccatree, am)
Dicki Flizar, drums    (Bruce Dickinson, Skin)

Sometimes we support country...

Cody Joe Hodges Texas based male country recording artist, Cody Joe Hodges, has a new album, “The Good Stuff”, which was released on November 4th. "Getting Back to Country" is the first release from the album.  I have attached a free download for your convenience at the bottom of this email, along with a link to the newly released video.  I’ve also included a link to his album, website and a press release below. If you like, I can send you the album zip file, the album MP3s, or put a CD in the mail for your consideration. Thanks!

EPK: http://www.tatemusicgroup.com/epk/?id=29615&page=home

New Album: http://itunes.com/codyjoehodges

Saturday, November 15, 2014

THIS HOLY HOUSE - Americana / Indie / Rock / Folk with a little southern influence

This Holy House, formed in early 2010, have quickly made their mark in the music scene of Central Arkansas. Raised in Greenbrier, Arkansas, David and James Velek, and Elliott S. Cotten spent years separately honing their musical skills and have finally arrived on the same page. Their music is a reflection of the small-town up-bringing of the Velek brothers and Elliott S. Cotten, with their humble hearts and southern charm.

The sound that This Holy House brings, could be described as americana, indie, and rock, with a little folk and southern influence. The music ranges from ambient, sombre ballads, to high-energy foot-stomping anthems. Lyrically, the music speaks of the struggles of man, spiritually and emotionally.

In early 2012, This Holy House added Jordan Ahne to the group, expanding their already intense live sound. The four-piece now consists of: David Velek on bass guitar and back vocals, Elliott S. Cotten on guitar and lead vocals, James Velek on drums and back vocals, and Jordan Ahne on guitar and back vocals. The addition of Jordan also allows the band to incorporate studio instruments including: mandolin, banjo and piano, previously missing in live performances.

The band recorded their first full-length album, "Love and Hope in the War Times", in the summer of 2011 at Blue Chair Studios in Austin, Arkansas. After playing many shows in Central Arkansas, the band has taken their music on the road across many states and multiple regions of the country. The band plans to tour much more, and bring their music to as many as possible. (as compiled on the bands website)
Read more: www.reverbnation.com/thisholyhouse

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Sheepdogs ..

  1. The Sheepdogs
    Rock band
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  3. The Sheepdogs are a Canadian boogie rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, consisting of Ewan Currie on vocals and guitar, Rusty Matyas on guitar, Ryan Gullen on bass, and Sam Corbett on drums/percussion. Wikipedia

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lars Clevemena on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream .


Lars Cleveman med band framför sitt nya album
UNDER THE INFLUENCE på TeaterStudio Lederman måndagen den 1 dec Kl 19.30!

Med sig har han följande fantastiska musiker:

Pär Ulander , dragspel, keyboards gitarr, bas.
David Tallroth , gitarr bas, blåsinstrument , etc.
Michael Blair , trummor och slagverk
Martin Rössel som också producerat UTI
kommer att gästa med elgitarr och sång.

Tid: 19.30
Pris: 150 Kr
UNDER THE INFLUENCE kommer att säljas på plats.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quite Earth Orchastra ..

HE QUIET EARTH ORCHESTRA Crossover Prog • United States From Progarchives.com, the ultimate progressive rock music website Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_share Share on email Share on favorites Share on pinterest_share Share on print The Quiet Earth Orchestra picture MP3, Free Download (stream)http://www.progarchives.com/progressive_rock_discography_band Tour & shows updates Press & news updates Forum discussions Videos (Youtube) Buy music Shows & tickets Discography Reviews The Quiet Earth Orchestra biography THE QUIET EARTH ORCHESTRA looks like a title for a big band but is a one man project so far initiated by John Ludi from Chicago/USA. He's working on his album since around 1999 with some breaks here and there but 2008 has finally seen it brought to light. Grown up with progressive/art rock his music reflects this experiences and interests what also can be seen at the huge list of bands and artists which influenced him over the years. John Ludi plays all the instruments and also provides the vocals which makes this album to a completely rounded piece of work fulfilling his appreciation of writing lyrics and composing modern prog music. The songs are also spiked with references to wellknown bands and different prog genres and his conclusion is: 'They were to me, in fact, mini-symphonies filled with imagery and nuance, imagination and passion . far more of such than the average 3 minute pop/rock song could ever hope to deliver'. THE QUIET EARTH ORCHESTRA is not signed by a label deliberately. Anyhow - the songs can be downloaded from services like CD Baby and should receive attention in any case. Rivertree (Uwe Zickel) The Quiet Earth Orchestra official website THE QUIET EARTH ORCHESTRA MP3, Free Download (music stream) Open extended player in a new pop-up window | Random Playlist (50) | How to submit new MP3s History Ends Here The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 God The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 Limitations The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 Simple The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 The Prophet The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 Singularity The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 Slow Down The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 The Madness of Crowds The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 Cicades The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008 The Prophets Theme The Quiet Earth Orchestra, 2008