Thursday, October 30, 2014

JEN GLOECKNER - Between Light & Dark, Dream & Wake

All things beautiful are destructive, too, and musician Jen Gloeckner provides a taste of both in “Mouth of Mars” (2009), the long-awaited follow-up to “Miles Away” (Gloeckner’s debut album released in Europe through One Little Indian Records UK in 2005). MOJO Music Magazine in London has described Gloeckner’s sound as “spell-weaving…different, dark, ethereal, funky; an alluring big-sky, small-room mystery.” As in “Miles Away,” Gloeckner home-recorded “Mouth of Mars” in her bright orange upstairs-bedroom-turned-studio, and its “big-sky” themes are evident in more than the album’s title. Her new release is an instinct-driven exploration of primal emotion, where minimal lyrics and layers of sound evoke a universal, gut-level knowledge of desire, separation, and the sacred connection of souls.

For better or for worse, Gloeckner’s music seems to say, this is the human condition as revealed through sound—raw, dirty, brutal, healing, serene, and sacred all at once. Gloeckner describes her artistic inspiration in connection to moods and images that she receives in dreams, and her fans, too, perceive a kind of mythical, collective-unconscious underlying the music that she creates—songs that can be as unrelenting as your darkest nightmares and as redemptive as your purest desire.  (as compiled on the musicians webpage)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sickened by the sad state of modern mainstream music, the gents from Black Wyrm Seed bartered for a kilo of “magic beans” in a backalley deal somewhere on the South Side of Chicago, and shortly thereafter found themselves in an utterly foreign — and yet strangely inviting — domain. There are some who might refer to the place as “parts unknown”; others might call it “the great beyond”; and its exact coordinates remain unclear. But this much is certain: it lies somewhere between 1966 and the mountains of the moon…and to Black Wyrm Seed, it is now home. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

THE TRUTHS - Psychedelic / Rock / Alternative

Weedy indie, new rave, old wave, post-rock blah blah blah, at last a band to cut through all the bullshit and actually make you fall in love with music again.

Critical response to their live shows has been ecstatic, prompting one journalist to exclaim "The Truths are the best band I’ve seen in ten years”, Stoked magazine calling them “a sexy, aggressive wall of sound”, The Guardian calling them ...“absolutely f*****g amazing!” etc, etc.  (as compiled on the bands website)
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

RONN LOA on the stream @ Pluto Radio...!

Times Passes and Things Change…….or DO they?!
Recently resurrected from its own ashes this is no mere "side project." The Coffee Tribe is actually the ORIGIN of the wildy popular and well-known The Topangas (formerly The Aloha Mountain Groove Band!!!) & serves as an alter-ego outlet for songwriter Renn Loa's somewhat more caffeinated songs.

From the land of Kona coffee, volcanoes, surfboards, and ukuleles comes The Coffee Tribe! Led by the ever elusive MONDO-chameleonic-yet-occasionally-charismatic Chief RennTiki MochaMon, The Coffee Tribe is music's answer to caffeine!

They sound like everyone else and yet NO one else! They play like they have instruments... and they have MUCH more fun with bass, drums, guitars and occasional keyboards than 4 or 5 humans really ought to.

We now raise our generously-portioned cups of damn fine coffee in your general direction and ask you to join us in our quest for good times, stiff drinks, ebullient music and just the right places to enjoy them in. Wake up brothers and sisters of the almighty sacred buzzing bean and HEAR the coffee! (as compiled from the band's website).

So Tiki Tribalistas and cave dwellers unite in the fuzz-toned noise addled bliss that is The Coffee Tribe!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014


We are MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS a dirty Punk Blues band from Spain.We have been preachin' the Punk Blues in Spain since 1995. Ten years playing in taverns, clubs and auditoriums all over Spain.We think there is some kind of revolution with internet and culture. Everyday more bands puts their music for free download in their webs. The thing is growing and growing everyday. That's right for us, because we think the bands have to play LIVE music to survive. That's why we put our music for free in lots of webs. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Friday, October 24, 2014

SAY NEVER - Rock / Alternative / Grunge

Say Never, from Daytona Beach, FL, offers a unique, aggressive-melodic style of music. Fans of alternative rock music enjoy their unique sound, deep grooves, and songs that combine ear-catching hooks, melodic yet intense harmonies, and personally reflective lyrics.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KraftiM - Ambient / Electronica / Experimental

A long life of pure enjoyment in music - from the Netherlands.  Discovered in 2004 he could try to make some stuff himself. Debuted on the netlabel Musictrade after visiting the Norberg Festival in Sweden, where he met his pals he knew from previous p2p contacts concerning experimental electronic music. Since then released his work on several channels under Creative Commons license (as compiled on the bands website)
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

YELLOW BRICK ROAD - Alternative / Indie / Rock

Yellow Brick Road was formed in 2009 by musicians who had played in different popular Belarussian groups previously.

Recently, Yellow Brick Road has become well known not only in Belarus but in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. "Guys plays funny and sparkling mix of rock-classics from different times - from hard rock to rock-n-roll, from psychedelic to funk - music critics said. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

OCULUS SINISTER - Classic Rock / Rock

All original sets at 14 years old, Oculus Sinister will grab you with their energy, originality and alternative rock with a hard edge. Talented beyond their years, these boys from San Carlos-Bryan, Colton and Carter have been jamming for 4 years playing parties, festivals, coffee houses and all-age venues, including Lestat’s, Epicentre, Ramona Mainstage and Channel 1225. Having just finished a professionally mastered and replicated 10 song disc, OS is pumped and ready to rock. ( as compiled on the bands website)

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Friday, October 17, 2014

JIMMY SPITS - Poetic Rap

Jimmy Spits (J Murda) has opened for One Be Lo and DJ Abilities, Kanser & Prof, and Blackalicious. He has performed freestyles with Abstract Rude (Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed/RhymeSayers) and Blueprint (RhymeSayers) in venues located in Columbia, Missouri. He has played over 10 headlining  shows in Missouri, not including the many open mic performances in between at Mad Real Mondays and The Blue Fugue.  Jimmy Spits was a top 15 finalist in the 2012 Lava Bangers Rap Contest presented by Lazerbeak and Doomtree Records.  He earned 1st place in the 2011 "We Speak Poetry Slam" presented by Cave Canem and Black Studies at MIZZOU.  He also won 1st place at the 2011 William Woods University poetry competition.  (as compiled on the bands website)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

HOOVER DAMS - Punk / Rock / Surf

‘What is this low-fi loud guitar love-in and where has it come from? Bradford, apparently. it’s catchy, it’s interesting, it’s a little dark and it sounds like the track was recorded on an old Memorex cassette found under the passenger seat of someone’s car - but the lo-fi feel goes well - it’s a bit dirty and you want it to be that way. Who wants to feel all shiny after some gritty loud guitars? More like you need a shower and a good scrub. But hell, you’re alive. ~ Frantic Corduroy Website (as compiled on the bands website)
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SOMETHING UTOPIC - Musical Inspiration!

The inspiration that feeds our musical hunger is based upon anything that we experience or see in our everyday lives. Every lyric we compose has an "on the surface" meaning with a much greater understanding buried beneath it. Something Utopic would like to thank anyone that takes the time to listen to any part of our music. We love to share our music with everyone who takes a minute to give us a chance (as stated on the band's website).

Michael Motherwell - lead singer/guitar
Andrew Reneaud - backup vocals/bass player
Keith Lambert - guitar
Sam Graziano - drummer

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rabble Rabble - Psychedelic Rock!

Rabble Rabble is a psych punk band that hails from Chicago, IL . Their sound, developed over the course of the past four years, has grown into a contemporary take on psychedelic rock. Guitarists and vocalists Todd McCafrey and Ralph Darski, the two original members of the band, create a complex layering of sound rich with blues undertones and frenetic guitar play. They solidified the lineup with drummer Kaylee Preston and bassist Matt Ciarleglio.

Chicago's flower punk rockers Rabble Rabble's long awaited debut album. The fans have termed “Bangover” for how one feels the morning after a Rabble Rabble show. This album gives it to you straight with the perfect blend of catchy guitar jangle and pulsing drum grooves enticing the body into primal hypnotic rhythms. Self recorded in the group's jam space with the sweat and intensity of their enthralling live performances. This LP includes two tracks recorded by Brian Zieske at the Gallery of Carpet Studio. Limited to 275 vinyl 12" LPs with screen printed covers, b&w copied insert and download card (as compiled on the band website)

This is a must have, it will turn you on.

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Lee, You have GOT to do something about Jack.  This morning when I woke up I found him playing Farmville!   I guess it's better than the donkey porn site I caught him on last week!


Monday, October 13, 2014

BLACKMAIL - Rock / Hard Rock / Funk

Rockin the D. since late 2005, BLACKMAIL's sound is funk infested,bluesy,hard rock!! featuring the electrifying Klangi Mayaasa  formerly of The Mechanixx on vocals & the heavy bottom of Bygg El on bass, formily of the shazz method, the atomic blues of Mike Brooks on guitar, formily of innocent sin, & the kick ass.
Doug Austin on drums from broken day machine & via regia,  the band has jammed @ the blind pig, the ritz, the bullfrog, paychecks & all of the top clubs in the detroit area & has played with sponge, the muggs, hard lessons ashes of soma & many of the D's top bands. the band was also voted one of the metro area's top bands by wdiv's best of contest in 2007, the new cd THE HARD GROOVE was co produced & mixed by kevin sharpe @ metro 37 recording. look 4 BLACKMAIL 2 continue 2 spread thier ghetto rock in 2010 & 11!!!!!! (as compiled on the bands website)

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

BIGTALKAHH - Rockin' The Town!

Bigtalkahh songs, 'To Live Again' and 'In Our Dreams' have both held the Number One slot...the latter for five weeks at #1, on Music World Radio Top 20 in the UK. The band has been featured on College Underground Radio, Pluto Radio, Rock Capital Radio, Radio Ugly and many more music venues.
Bigtalkahh's music is available NOW on iTunes and every other major music distribution sites.  The Band have launched the new Bigtalkahh YouTube Channel.  Check out our videos!
Big Love to all of those friends who frequent our social media sites, listen to our tracks, and continue to support Bigtalkahh.
Impress your pals...quit your job, and hang out!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

RWAKE - Metal / Southern Rock / Progressive

Just over ten years ago RWAKE started out as a four brothers jamming to kill time, 'cause in Arkansas that's all you have...time. And in time those brothers were joined by other brothers (and a sister) and recorded some tracks their first material in September of ’97.  A “real” first demo, Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness, followed shortly as well as a slew of shows throughout the deep south, including their first ventures outside their home state of Arkansas.

Voices of Omens hits below the bible-belt with thick, tar-black riffing, vicious male/female howls and leads so sweet you'd think they're from Georgia. Instead this Arkansas band represents their dirty south with their intensely unique style of acid-drenched metal. Voices of Omens is a hostile explosion of hideously impure American metal which emanates an eerie and unsettling vibe; haunting in atmosphere and hallucinogenic in it's effect on the listener. )as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

LAST TRAIN HOME - Country / Folk Rock / Indie

"One of the country's most formidable roots-rock bands.".....That's the assessment of Nashville's Tennessean newspaper about Last Train Home.   And while roots-rock is at the heart of LTH's sound, don't overlook the country, bluegrass, swing, blues, folk, pop, and Tin Pan Alley influences you'll find if you lend this band an ear. What began as a part-time band in Washington D.C. back in 1997 has evolved into an acclaimed full-time touring group based out of Nashville.

LTH frontman Eric Brace is a former staff writer for The Washington Post where he was a columnist covering the local music and nightlife scene. Prior to Last Train Home, Eric played in several Washington area bands, including B-Time, the Beggars, and Kevin Johnson & the Linemen. He also ran a local rock label, Top Records, for many years, before focusing on his own music.

The band has played more than a thousand shows over the years, including tours of Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and the Virgin Islands. With its nine releases, Last Train Home is a prolific band that gets better with each release, and continues to be one of the most interesting bands on the landscape of American music.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SPIRITUALIZED - Experimental / Psychedelic / Rock

Spiritualized are an English space rock band formed in 1990 in Rudby, Warwickshire by Jason Pierce (who often goes by the alias J. Spaceman) after the demise of his previous band Spacemen 3. The membership of Spiritualized has changed from album to album, with Pierce — who writes, composes and sings all of the band's material — being the only constant member.
Spiritualized have released seven studio albums. The best known and most critically acclaimed of these is perhaps 1997's Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, which NME Magazine named as their Album of the Year.(as compiled on the bands website)
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BAREFOOT FRED - Rock / Jam Band

Created in the dawn of 2009, Barefoot Fred delivers a performance with dedication to quality, consistency, and an elevated passion for music. As an Illinois Prog-Jamband, Barefoot Fred’s sound is rooted in the American concept of improvisation. Drawing on specific ideas and themes for everyday people; they are making a significant impact on their growing and loyal fan base. Barefoot Fred’s first LP, Worship the Sun (2009), is a reflection of the musical themes, concepts, and devotion that is America’s Fred; Barefoot, Bouncing, and Breathing.

Catering to party-goers and live music lovers, the band takes on various forms to explore the doors of expression. With an obligation to constant growth and improvement, Barefoot Fred is being tracked by footprints in its wake (as compiled on the bands website).

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

NOISE - Rock Alternative!

Noise-from Iceland, was formed in 2001 by brothers Einar Vilberg & Stefan Vilberg.   In 2003, noise released their debut album "Pretty Ugly". One of the songs: "Paranoid Parasite" became a hit on the local radio stations.  In November 2006, Noise released their second album; "Wicked" which signaled some significant changes for the band, being a subtle departure from the previous one, Noise had created a sound that was both fiery and melodic.
Noise have received fantastic reviews for their live shows, by journalists from magazines like Rolling Stone & The Iceland Grapevine.  Now with their new critically acclaimed record DIVIDED just released, their renowned live shows & the limitless talent within the group, noise are destined for greatness.  (as compiled on the bands website)

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

TANADRA - Rock / Progressive Rock / Indie

In just over a year, Tanadra Roads has gone from living room online music collaboration to getting international attention and recently forming a band.

Singer/Songwriter/Composer Tanadra Roads collaborated with composer/ producer Arun Shenoy on putting together her debut self titled EP TANADRA. The EP, since it's release, has garnered international attention and positive reviews from music lov...ers and industry folk.  The Music Video in support of “Danny” - the lead track on the EP has already been creating some serious buzz. Over 100,000 views on Youtube and growing.

Recently Tanadra Roads has formed her band TANADRA fronted by Tanadra Roads and supported by band members Greg Weitknecht on bass, Johan de Swart on drums, and Joseph Scala on guitar. They have been in the studio just about everyday since their formation, working day and night,literally, on new material, perfecting their own unique sound which is that of TANADRA.

"It's refreshing to be surrounded by killer musicians who share the same passion and views about what it takes to be successful in what we ALL LOVE. Making Music!" - Tanadra (as compiled on the bands website)

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Friday, October 3, 2014


Our heroes met at University, where they were bitter rivals. Years later, they found themselves in New York City, beavering away in dusty corners of the Great Media Behemoth: J put in time at a literary agency and studied the mystical art of making records while slaving as a sound engineer at various hip recording studios about town, while A avoided sunlight as a film archivist and curator at a broadcasting museum. Both had unsatisfying tenures in doomed rock combos where they nevertheless honed their musical skills. Each fancied himself a songwriter in the classic pop mode and pursued the elusive art with uncommon zeal, resting only for massive infusions of film noir and comic books. (as compiled on the bands website).

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

THE UNDERSTREAM - Infectious Rock!

It all started in 1993 when drummer Whytey met guitarist Jason Klassen and wanted to form a band.  They found a singer, then hunted down a bass player and formed a hard rock band called Boneyard.   Fast forward to the present time with band member changes and a name change, Pluto Radio presents The Understream. 

Buckle up people, cuz they're coming for you! (as compiled on the bands website)

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