Monday, March 31, 2014

Skeleton Disco has jumped into the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

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Skeleton Disco

SUGAR FROM SOUL - Alternative Rock

Founded in 2006, Sugar from Soul spent the first two years of their existence writing and recording songs for their first album, which was released in 2008.   Since then, the four musicians have been rocking the stages in and around Frankfurt/Germany with an ever-growing set of songs.

Rewarded for their live activity in 2009 they were crowned "newcomer band 2009" by Beyerdynamic and, Germany's No.1 address for bands and musicians.  In 2010 they expanded to the European abroad playing shows in Italy (winning the international Upload Contest in Bolzano), UK (including two London shows) and Norway.

Their music balances sharply between blues-rock and pop, rough guitar-riffs and dance, megalomania and sheepishness.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

SPACEHOUND - Alternative Rock!

While lounging around for many weeks during a recent summer, Angelo Spyropoulos was playing guitar, writing lyrics and recording original songs on his cell phone. Often taking breaks to walk his unruly dog (and giving the hound some space for which it could run) it makes perfect sense that Angelo would later suggest the name, Spacehound, to his band mates. Formed in Venice and Long Beach, CA in December, 2009, Spacehound is characterized by bold guitars, bright melodies, and funk, pop and punk sensibilities. The band’s sound is reminiscent of artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, yet Spacehound beams with distinctive charm and style. (as compiled on the bands website)
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing...

Hey Kids, Next Week - Friday The 4th of April (9pm - 1am)
Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends
NO COVER. Bring all your friends
The J&M Cafe and Cardroom 201 First Ave South
Pioneer Square 206 467 2666
Beyond Fools Party. Come to Pioneer Square to shake loose those April Fools blues. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll dance your ass off.
Presenting Neal Storme's new songs soon to be released on CD. 
Featuring Greg Blanke, Max Campbell, Steve Haeck, Jimmy Marsh,
Linda Lee, Nora Micheals and Caroline Lee.

Friday, March 28, 2014

THE FEENS - Backstreet Rock n' Roll

Think of 1972, Quentin Tarantino and muscle cars encompassed with the musical backdrop of these guys. The riffs they create growl, steaming with an undercurrent of bottom end ferocity. TheFeens take rock and roll to contemporary levels, yet still stay true to the classics. The band is in it's infancy, yet has recieved gig spots with some of the countries hot acts.

Guitarist Zach Ernst and drummer Jared Kulp got together to jam with the far fetched hope that they would find a bass player that fit. They found one...A powerhouse riff machine bassist from the North J. McCabe. After many hours in the garage, they called singer-songwriter Mike Narvaez to come and help arrange their new tunes. Very quickly, he became the frontman and lead vocalist for the group. Since the bands inception, new drummer Matt Liptak has joined the group. Their Freshman album quickly followed to the fervent acclaim of their local scene and as far as the Lehigh Valley area. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Explicitly diverse, often mis-classified, Parker House and Theory mashes rock, funk, pop and soul, oozing with energy and smacking you in the face with charisma. Eccentric in nature, personality is always center stage. What started in the clubs and colleges around Boston has grown beyond the New England market to the entire Northeast and Midwest thanks to relentless touring and an organic grassroots buzz. A commanding stage presence and limitless energy backed by catchy hooks and a tight dynamic make it impossible for anyone to stay seated at a Parker House show.

Parker House and Theory's sound lives in the alleyways between the restrictive structures of modern genre classification. These aren't dark and dangerous alleyways, they're spaces slammed wall-to-wall with bright flashing head turning neon lights.

Parker House and Theory should really find a shorter name. They know you will learn it eventually because night after night they crank out unforgettable performances chock full of energy. They are one part soulful bouncy pop, one part bluesy-funk, two parts personality. Parker House’s signature grooves and bursting melodies will seep into your soul. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FADEOUT - Evolutionary Rock!

Fadeout, from Seinajoki, Finland was originally formed in 2001, and has since then played extensive independent touring and recorded four demo tapes. In the year 2006 the band went through radical lineup changes which resulted in a more ambitioned and focused group than ever before. Fadeout has created a brand that can only be described as a Evolutionary Rock. This sound can be heard on the new songs Dream torn apart, Alive and Changing, which should warm things up before a bigger bang in the near future, when the debut album is scheduled to be recorded (as compiled from the bands website).

Sunday, March 23, 2014

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Doom / Progressive / Symphonic / Epic Metal

"Just before the turn of the year some of the most amazing music I've ever personally channeled came from "out of nowhere" and is currently providing the platform for ANOTHER brand new album...and album that will consist of 1 single, overwhelmingly epic composition...literally one long journey that goes far beyond the epics of the past ("Thus With A Kiss I Die", "The Furthest Shore", "Finality") but yet somehow ties together all 22 years of our history together in one colossus!   As of today, we're about 20 minutes into what will surely be at minimum double that length, and believe me, the entire band is truly anxious to share all of this new music with you as soon as we possibly can!" ~ Tom Phillips 
(as compiled on the bands website)

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

WINTER'S THRALL - Everything is Within Your Power!

You are either growing or dying.
There is no in between.

Most of us are in the thrall of Winter. There is coming though, an infinite Spring. We feel the cruel claws of Winter all the more intensely because of our nascent awareness of it; but in the depth of the cold night, when you are chilled to the core of your being, the inevitable, warm wind of tomorrow seems a million years away.

Let the music into your ears, and it will make its way into your soul. There, it will crystallize all your hurt and fear. In the bright flame of your consciousness, you will melt it away. All the things which you once knew, when time did not exist, shall be again. For they are the truth. The knowledge of fire is yours, you have but forgotten it for a moment.

What does this mean? The question determines the answer. Everything is within your power (as compiled on this bands website).

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Friday, March 21, 2014


"Hello." is a completely independent EP that is made up from a collective collaboration of chosen musicians, released in 2009 & 2nd EP "Lonely Planet" released in 2010. All available in iTunes.

About Erik LeCar: In Earth Years: 25. Sex: Male. Pianist/Singer/Songwriter from the coded area (201). That is all you need to know.…. (as compiled from Yellow Light's website).

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIRGE - Rock / Metal / Post Rock

Dirge is a French band born in 1994. From the industrial metal genre that exploded in the first part of the 90's, the band slowly evolved towards more atmospheric sounds and progressive structures, related to the post-metal scene.

Band members: Marc T., Alain B., Christophe "Zomber" D., Stéphane L., Christian M.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MARK NESSER ~ Alternative - Experimental - Psychedelic

In his own words: “I have been writing songs and performing in bands for over 30 years. I've always had a spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical message in my music. I have been a member of these Rock bands: Russ Erickson Band , Wyzdom , Orient , Live Wire , Jeppeto's Fire , Subliminal Shock , Soul Shakers , Killed By Astronauts , Organic Acid & Quadrivia. I have a very eclectic taste, so I'm influenced by so many bands. Here's a few: PORCUPINE TREE, KATE BUSH, YES, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD, THE COCTEAU TWINS , THE BEATLES, KING CRIMSON, PETER GABRIEL, , RICK WAKEMAN, THE DOORS, TANGERINE DREAM, VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, NEKTAR, TRAFFIC, DAVID BOWIE, THE CULT , RUSH , THE CURE , MORRISSEY , THE RESIDENTS , JANE"S ADDICTION , SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES , FLAMING LIPS , BJORK , FRANK ZAPPA & Many More...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ASTEROID - Psychedelic Space Saga!

The history of Asteroid is a psychedelic space saga, timeless and endless, with no upside or downside, but with a beautiful ending. The band, formed during the winter of 2003, has undertaken a long musical journey and developed a sound well fit to the trio constellation. After being formed as a regular stoner band, it didn’t take long before new grounds were conquered. Since then, influences have been collected from blues and British 70’s classic rock, but also from Swedish traditional folk music.

Asteroid is now back with their second album, called simply “II”. It is a more evolved but also relaxed and groovy follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album S/T. This time they locked themselves up in a studio deep in the forest, trying to capture the raw and naked sound and feeling in their music. You will hear a tighter, heavier, but also darker Asteroid. You will still recognize the characteristic energy in the sound and feel the joy delivered by the musicians.

This record is like transporting yourself back to the psychedelic woods of Sweden, but unlike other 70’s influences bands this is also fresh and unique on its own. Asteroid is today a well-known live act all over Europe with constant touring and a reputation of wild and sweaty live shows (as compiled from the bands website).

Hold on to your hats!

Monday, March 17, 2014

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Due to technical issues the commercial free Pluto Radio stream will be intermittently down throughout the day today.  We expect to be back up without interruption on Tues the 18th.  Thank you for your support!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

THIS HOLY HOUSE - Americana / Indie / Rock

This Holy House, formed in early 2010, have quickly made their mark in the music scene of Central Arkansas. Raised in Greenbrier, Arkansas, David and James Velek, and Elliott S. Cotten spent years separately honing their musical skills and have finally arrived on the same page. Their music is a reflection of the small-town up-bringing of the Velek brothers and Elliott S. Cotten, with their humble hearts and southern charm.

The sound that This Holy House brings, could be described as americana, indie, and rock, with a little folk and southern influence. The music ranges from ambient, sombre ballads, to high-energy foot-stomping anthems. Lyrically, the music speaks of the struggles of man, spiritually and emotionally.

The band recorded their first full-length album, "Love and Hope in the War Times", in the summer of 2011 at Blue Chair Studios in Austin, Arkansas. After playing many shows in Central Arkansas, the band has taken their music on the road across many states and multiple regions of the country. The band plans to tour much more, and bring their music to as many as possible. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

CATAMENIA - Dark Metal

Catamenia is distinguished by their 'trademark' sound, powerful melodies and perfectly balanced structures, with mad guitar riffling. They have contributed an important piece of mosaic into the world famous Finnish metal scene."

Their most recent album (9th) was released in February 2010 by the name “Cavalcade” via Massacre Records. Again it proves that the band has a lot more to tell and show, and just keeps on creating and growing - this time with major changes in their music. Few curiosities on the album are that the song 'Blood Trails' is featuring also Ville Laihiala from Poisonblack and it also includes a tribute song for the Sentenced, 'Farewell'.

Band Members:
Riki Hopeakoski - Guitars and backing vocals
Mikko Hepo-oja - Bass and backing vocals
Juha-Matti Perttunen - Vocals
Toni Qvick - Drums
Sauli Juahiainen - Guitars
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HEADRUSH - Blood Pumping & Heart Stopping!

Headrush is a rock band choked to the point of strangulation with melodies, backed by razor sharp guitars, blood-pumping bass and heart-stopping drums that grab listeners on the first note and locks the music into memory. When they take the stage the energy is high and the songs hit you like a musical hammer. They scream at you one minute, and then leave you trying to catch your breath for what comes next.

Headrush is led by charismatic frontman Waymon Boone, formerly of Splender, whose debut Half Way Down The Sky included the hit singles ("I Think God Can Explain" and "Yeah, Whatever") on Columbia Records. Boone's dynamic vocals and emotional lyrics create the songs that are the driving force behind the band.

"It all started with the songs and then became something more," says Boone. The music is real and intense. Lyrically, I don't think I could have been anymore truthful about how I feel about my place in the world if I tried." (all as compiled from the bands website).

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

FEELS LIKE FRIDAY - Alternative / Indie / Rock

FEELS LIKE FRIDAY™ is a Southern California based group fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist, TOM COURSER. Produced by Guy Eckstine, Feels Like Friday's debut recording, WE LIKE SUPERMODELS, showcases 12 blistering and rockin’ alternative pop/rock songs, that incorporate high energy drums and guitars, with a melodic pop sensibility. The resulting mix of vocal harmony and songwriting craftiness, puts FEELS LIKE FRIDAY on familiar but fresh ground. Reminiscent of The Smiths, David Bowie, and The Cure.
From the opening riff of, “Been Away For A While”, vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Beatles, the listener is immediately caught in rapt attention, grooving along to the strong backbeat and three part vocal harmonies, willingly drawn in to something special. Followed by the pulsating uptempo groove of, “See Who I’ll Be Again”, which scores big with a strong mélange of bitter and sweet melodic and lyrical content, disguised as Power Pop at its’ finest. The songs are extremely well put together, with constant motion, tension and release. Unexpected twists and turns appear very nonchalantly, showing the grace and ease of Courser's songwriting, guitar and vocal abilities. (as compiled on the bands website)

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Son Lux on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

  • Son Lux
  • Ryan Lott, better known by his stage name Son Lux, is a post-rock and alternative hip hop musician based in New York City, New York, currently signed with Joyful Noise Recordings. Wikipedia
  • Friday, March 7, 2014

    Tito Calloway ..

    Tito Calloway is a Writer, Producer, Performer and Entertainment Consultant.  As a Writer and Producer, Tito is a very unique talent, he not only writes amazing songs ranging from hip hop to rock to r&b and rhythmic poetry, but he also has written multiple screenplays as well as a television show.  As a consultant, Tito has the ability to add instant value to any project (music or film) by lending not only his creative mind but also his ability to assemble some of the entertainment industries most elite contacts to your project that will ensure a level of creative quality and prosperous results.

    Boneyard Bastards on the commercial free Pluto Radios stream ..

    Punk and old school rock, played without any need to impress any one. Release from the frustrations of everyday life and the world around us. Addicted to the adrenalin hit you get from playing live shows. DIY music business rocks!

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    Aisles ..

    Aisles Live 3.jpgAisles are a six-piece prog rock band originally from SantiagoChile. The group was formed in 2001 by brothers Germán (guitar) and Luis Vergara (keyboards), and childhood friend Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar). Later on, it expanded to include lead singer Sebastián Vergara and Alejandro Meléndez (keyboards). Drummer Felipe Candia and bassist Daniel Baird-Kerr joined the band in 2007 and 2011 respectively.
    The band has often been praised by its eclectic style, combining elements of rock, progressive rock, fusion, and Latin music, among others. They have toured South America, North America and Europe, and have participated in prestigious prog-rock festivals. Their albums have been published in Europe, United States, and Japan, and in 2009 they were nominated for Best Foreign Record in the Prog Awards for their second album, In Sudden Walks.

    The band's third album 4:45am is scheduled for release in October, 2013.

    Sunday, March 2, 2014

    ROWDY MEN - Well, they're rowdy!

    On a whiskey fueled summers night in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, the worlds meanest Rockabilly band was born. For the past decade The Rowdymen have delivered their patented blend of High-Octane Edgy Rockabilly and Hard Drivin' Prairie Twang to audiences across the nation. This full throttle collective has shared bills with an eclectic mix of luminaries including Bill Haley's original Comets, Reverend Horton Heat, Hank III, Neko Case blues legend T-Model Ford, and Sleepy La Beef. Approaching show 1000, the band is back with a vengeance with the release of Gas, Liquor and Fireworks, the bands fourth full length release.

    With this record on Transistor 66, the Rowdymen show why they're one of the fiercest Rockabilly bands on the planet. From beer soaked rockers to murder death ballads, this record will kick your ass right on to the dance floor. (as compiled on the bands website)

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