Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zombies of the Stratosphere have jumped into the mix..!

Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock from this New York based group.
Our heroes met at University, where they were bitter rivals. Years later, they found themselves in New York City, beavering away in dusty corners of the Great Media Behemoth: J put in time at a literary agency and studied the mystical art of making records while slaving as a sound engineer at various hip recording studios about town, while A avoided sunlight as a film archivist and curator at a br...oadcasting museum. Both had unsatisfying tenures in doomed rock combos where they nevertheless honed their musical skills. Each fancied himself a songwriter in the classic pop mode and pursued the elusive art with uncommon zeal, resting only for massive infusions of film noir and comic books.

It was inevitable that they join forces and continue in the tradition of their idols Ray Davies, Elvis Costello, and Brian Wilson, i.e., churning out gem-like compositions with maddeningly infectious tunes and obscure lyrics while failing to deal with their crippling emotional problems.

Praise for the album, "The Well-Mannered Look" (2007):

"...extremely catchy, jangle-guitar pop with hooks that recall classic ’60s rock bands like the Kinks... On their latest album, The Well Mannered Look, Zombies of the Stratosphere offer a mix of smartly crafted and addictive songs." - NPR’s Second Stage 11/26/07
Host Robin Hilton says the title track "has one of the catchiest and most addictive melodies I’ve heard all year."

"...The bottom line is that if it were 1969 and we were on Carnaby Street, these guys would be gods." - Absolute Powerpop CD of the Day 5/3/07
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Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock
J Zombie, A Zombie
New York, New York
Record Label
Crane Shot
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