Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fuzzorama Records on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream.

FUZZORAMA has brought us some amazing bands to play on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream. 


New distributor in Germany!
Due to the lack of interest from Soulfood and great interest from Roughtrade we have decided to change distributor in Germany to ROUGHTRADE!

New releasedates in Germany!
The new exclusive deal with Roughtrade also led to delays in getting a exclusive release date in Germany for DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA and ASTEROID. The new release date for these releases in Germany are 17:th of August.

The Fuzzorama SHOP!
Do not forget checking out our own Fuzzorama shop, now with a cart system so you will pay less for the freight if you order many items.

Asteroid to Finland!
You will now be able to see and hear Asteroid in Finland for the very first time, check out the tour date's!

Truckfighters Fu manchu + bands in the UK!
Truckfighters just got back from a very hectic but extremely succesful tour with Fu Manchu in Europe! Every gig went super and the VAN didn't break down under the pressure:)

Please also notice that both ASTEROID and DJCO are currently touring the UK! See tourdate's for more info! Do not MISS!

Truckfighters releases new singel!
Finally!!! The new single from the fourthcoming album is here! Listen and buy it in our MP3-shop! The album will be releases in September 2007!

The fuzz is spreading LIVE !
You're going to be able to see and hear a LOT of fuzz this spring. Truckfighters will tour with Fu Manchu all across Europe. DJCO will tour UK together with Josiah and Asteroid will also hit the Island (UK in May) with their groove! New albums are coming up with all three and the new Asteroid album just got 10 out of 10 in the Swedish zine Metalheart! So stay C-tuned dudes!

Vote for Durango riot to Hultsfred, right HERE!

Dexter Jones´Circus Orchestra - In the Lion's Pit and Asteroid with Flowers and Stones. Releasedate 12:th of March in our new MP3 shop!

Check the new link to our MP3 shop!

New Signing!
We are very proud to announce that we manage to sign the awesome Swedish rock band Dexter Jones´ circus orchestra and will release their new album 21:st of May. Read more HERE!
(as compiled on the Fuzzorama Records website)