Monday, February 10, 2014

FUZZORAMA RECORDS - Saving the World, One Band at a Time!

Fuzzorama started spring 2003.  The intention was to save this f*****up world from more Britney and so on...The only thing you'll get to from this site is fuzz, a lot of fuzz!   So... Stay tuned!

We have five fuzzy bands here at Fuzzorama at the moment and then we have a few releases and bands no longer with us!

First of all;
The one and only TRUCKFIGHTERS, "Sludgy stoner grooves and droning riffs are put through the metal-electro mangler as Truckfighters blast your ears with their unique take on modern rock." - Metal hammer

And the totally awesome band ASTEROID! Heavy, progressive and with a groove that will blow your mind! Swedish spaced out 70's style fuzzrock at it's best!!!

DEXTER JONES' CIRCUS ORCHESTRA that plays music withholds hints of Swedish progressive rock combined with powerful guitar melodies and catchy drumsand!

The Riot-fuzzrock boys in THE DURANGO RIOT. There is Stooges on the left and Qotsa to the right and a lot of trouble in between.

The newest addition to Fuzzorama is the super combo from Italy called STAKE OFF THE WITCH, doom-heavy-stoner with extraordinary female vocals.

And hey! We might be looking for your band so send demos... (as compiled from Fuzzorama's website)