Friday, November 7, 2014

The Truths ...

Weedy indie, new rave, old wave, post-rock blah blah blah, at last a band to cut through all the bullshit and actually make you fall in love with music again!

Critical response to their live shows has been ecstatic, prompting one journalist to exclaim "The Truths are the best band I’ve seen in ten years”, Stoked magazine calling them “a sexy, aggressive wall of sound”, The Guardian calling them “absolutely f*****g amazing!” etc.

After Anthony Neale (vocals) and Joe Taylor (guitar) met through a mutual friend they started jamming on Anthony's songs and almost immediately a strong musical partnership was formed and they knew they wanted to set the world ablaze with their music. "The chemistry was there from the start”, says Joe. “It just felt right”. Having met bass player James Goddard, Joe knew that he would fit right in. Simon Ward-Wilson (keyboards, guitar) and powerhouse drummer Dave Neale were the last pieces of the jigsaw. “After the first rehearsal it was clear we could make a sound bigger than the sum of our parts”- Anthony Neale.

With one of the most charismatic lead singers around and a huge stage presence as a band, they’ve been described as “something that’s been missing from British music for a long time”. With their sights set high The Truths look set to kick the doors in this year, and take their place as one of England most exciting new bands (all as compiled from the bands website)

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