Wednesday, March 11, 2015

KENELIS - Alternative Rock, Grungy Punk!

Words to describe Kenelis! Alternative, Attitude, Punk, Rock, Grunge, Melodic & Anthemic. A unique mix which gives the band their own distinctive sound, with fans crossing over all alternative genres. Comparisons have included the raw angst of Hole, vulnerability of Placebo and diversity of Radiohead. Kenelis are constantly developing their sound and are known for experimenting with different time signatures and song structures, whilst staying true to creating unpretentious memorable rock music.

The new sound of Kenelis is current, original and on target to fill a huge gap in the market.  For too long the industry has been empty of established female vocalists that won't take any prisoners and rock it as hard as the boys.  With an army of sound and a musical ability to make you stand up and take notice, Kenelis are ready to fill that void.
  (as compiled on the bands website)

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