Monday, April 21, 2014

PARKER HOUSE AND THEORY - Big Rock & Roll Dance Party

Explicitly diverse, often misclassified, Parker House and Theory mashes rock, funk, pop and soul, oozing with energy and smacking you in the face with charisma. Eccentric in nature, personality is always center stage. What started in the clubs and colleges around Boston has grown beyond the New England market to the entire Northeast and Midwest thanks to relentless touring and an organic grassroot...s buzz. A commanding stage presence and limitless energy backed by catchy hooks and a tight dynamic make it impossible for anyone to stay seated at a Parker House show.

Parker House and Theory's sound lives in the alleyways between the restrictive structures of modern genre classification. These aren't dark and dangerous alleyways, they're spaces slammed wall-to-wall with bright flashing head turning neon lights.

Parker House and Theory should really find a shorter name. They know you will learn it eventually because night after night they crank out unforgettable performances chock full of energy. They are one part soulful bouncy pop, one part bluesy-funk, two parts personality. Parker House’s signature grooves and bursting melodies will seep into your soul. (as compiled on the bands website)

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