Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Red 13 on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream ..

ReD 13ReD 13 Bio:

ReD 13 are a badass �hard-rockin� band from Medway in Kent. We have a plan to revive rock from it�s �skirt wearing� defunct ways... And put the trousers back on it!!!

The Four Elements...

We rumble like thunder on the solid beats of our drummer- 'Big Red' Pete. We will rock your asses and rip your face off with our �evil riffage� courtesy of the one, the only, Pablo 'Hendrix ain't got **** on me' Diablo. We got the best bassist for miles around backing us up, with some �funky like a monkey fucking a chunky junky� bass lines... Lak is the main man. Where would a band be without a beer fuelled **** singing his heart out in a way that would make a million bluesmen proud???... That�s what you get from Jon-Lee Kynslay.

Our Sound...

Imagine kidnapping Nuno Bettencourt, Iron Maiden, AC/DC The Chilli Peppers, Skid Row and G.W.A.R... Stuffing them in a room together with a bunch of instruments, pointing a gun at their heads and telling them to write the greatest album ever?!!... The end product STILL wouldn't be anywhere near as good as we are... But it's the closest you're gonna get.