Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sugar from Soul... Amazing\

Soul music from Sugar can be found, among other things between earthy blues-rock and the energetic aspects of theIndie.Occasionally feeling fuller sounds blend harmoniously in a diverse range of a vibrant, danceable songs.

Sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful guitar sounds are carried by a single-minded, not restrained bass - the whole is on a solid foundation of pounding drums which will provide more than just the beat.
Any friend, hand-crafted music with plenty of depth, which also makes a contemporary freshness not miss it, take to heart, visit one of the exciting shows and to get carried along.  (as compiled on the band's webpage)

Fabian Gratz, Vocals / Git
Benjamin Geyer, Lead Git
Jasmin Zahedi, Bass
Tobias Schuh, Drums
CONTACT:info (at) sugarfromsoul.com