Sunday, August 3, 2014

PHIL BOWLEY - 5 Wicked ways

Guitarist, Phil Bowley, is a gifted musician who knows what to play in any given situation. Phil has spent most of his life dedicated to the six string, being equally comfortable playing Les pauls, strat's, tele's and acoustic.

Raised on the styles of Hendrix / Page / Blackmore / Iommi / Gary Moore / Michael Schenker / Van Halen / Kevin Pratt , Phil has created a style uniquely his own. Phil say's.."the key is always in the feel, one note can work, but sometimes you need 1,000,000".

In 1979, at the tender age of 15, a very young Bowley wrote the entire musical score to his high school musical. which was a huge success. During the 80's, his metal band "White Widow" scored the special guest slot on DIO'S 1986 "Sacred Heart" tour of Australia, playing to 12,000 screaming maniacs. Hanging out back stage and swapping licks with Dio guitarist, Craig Goldy.

Phil joined Candy Harlots in 1990, recording the album "Five Wicked Ways" in 1991, including the singles Danger/Foreplay/Sisters Crazy/What Are We Fighting For. Touring the country with the Divinyls, Screaming Jets, Scatter Brain and the mighty ACDC. During ACDC'S 1991 "Razors edge" tour, Phil received high praise from Angus Young, playing to 48,000 people in four days. Phil is playing live around town currently with Ignition (as compiled from the bands website).

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