Thursday, April 28, 2011

AARDVARK RECORDS - Fair Trade Record Label and Music Publishers

Aardvark Records Ltd is one of the rising stars of the UK music industry. We are a staunchly independent record label with a growing roster of original, new talent covering a variety of music genres.

Aardvark’s directors bring over 30 years’ combined music industry experience to the group. This experience covers music & studio production, artiste management, music sales and A&R. While we are never ones to make a song and dance about it, our roster of acts currently enjoy sales and radio play around the globe. They also enjoy the respect and praise of hardened music lovers, journalists and industry insiders.
Aardvark is a Fair Trade record label and music publisher. This goes beyond ensuring our artists receive a higher than industry average royalty split. It also means we do our best to ensure that expenses are handled responsibly and are kept to a reasonable level.

In-house we have some of the brightest minds in online and digital media marketing...and we've racked up a series of firsts. We were one of the first record labels to use podcasting. We were one of the first labels to support internet radio. Other firsts include: providing music videos to YouTube, Google Video, Singingfool, ROO TV and a host of other online music video entertainment wesbites; providing full tracks on MySpace, Reverb Nation, Bebo and; setting up a blog to share our thoughts about music industry developments and news; and using widgets for people to share our music and our videos with their mates.
Recent audio content provision deals such as the one struck with the gaming company Audio-Surf, is a continuation of our ethos...making music for the people - and not for our accountants.

We're not about big advertising spend or huge marketing budgets or telling people what to buy in order to look cool. We're just about adventures in music (as compiled from Aardvark's website).

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