Saturday, April 2, 2011

SKRATCH YOUR MIND - Last Stop Before Madness!

The actual SKRATCH YOUR MIND project has been created on December 2007, when the second and future Lead guitar "DADE" joined the group. The new team started so strong, mixin' the power of the ROCK and Crossover with a kind of American power rock, but it's made in Italy!!! strong and sweet, this is the SYM's Music. In 2010 Mattia Pastorello joins the band as the new bass player and SYM's record their second EP in LONDON by BROSTUDIOS and they're produced by MATT HYDE, a great international producer.
Now the EP is available for everybody, and on the webpage you can have a preview of one new song:  HUNGERPHOBIA (as compiled from the bands website).

SYM's are now looking forward, waiting for a contract signin' and so many new concerts to do!!!


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