Monday, April 18, 2011


website created with d2mondoTHE AXEHEAD JOURNAL is a London-based rock-blog act, with its own brand of high-powered sludge, stoner, punk, and heavy-rock grooves with smoother folk, trip hop, and orchestral/soundscapes influences.

The whole journey starts in 2006-7 as a kind of experimental, wacky project with a loose gonzo journalism theme to it, culminating with the release of the debut album 'Tabloid Rock' in 2008, which receives subsequent radio airplay in UK, France and Canada and attention from underground media.

From there Guigz and the first trio line-up shoot the video THE END OF OIL with creature-crazy movie director Julien Vray and actress Al as Lady Oil and start promoting the album live. A new 'power-trio' band is later put together for shows throughout 2009-10 with avant-guarde bassist Toots, multi-instrumentalist Stevie K on drums and Guigz on Guitar and lead vocals duties. During that intense period, the band adds additional depth and a thicker groove feel to the project, recording 5 songs with London-based engineer/producer Yan Gilbert-Miguet, which forms the basis of the PERFECT HELL EP.

2010-11 propels THE AXEHEAD JOURNAL to a newer and more radical direction, where the project morphs into the 'first rock-blog act' focusing on the release of the 'baddest' music on a 'rolling basis'.

Through passion, hard work and resilience, THE AXEHEAD JOURNAL has become 'rock for the digital age' as the experimentation goes on with new formats and collaborations, with songs like 'Riding To Destiny' (with Windsurfer ace Jan Sleigh) or '24/7' (a folky stoner track), going full circle and realising the project's vision of a truly innovative, alternative and disruptive rock band.

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