Friday, April 1, 2011

PILGRIM SPEAKEASY - Musical Maverick!

"....Now, rather excitingly, the musical maverick is back. Empowered by the internet, a new generation of musicians can be as experimental as they like without having to worry about how it sounds to an A&R man. One such artist is Pilgrim Speakeasy, who combines the funkadelics of Parliament with a political and mystical message, the likes of which HOLV has never heard..." Heaven or Las Vegas Music Magazine
"experimental and creative, the melding of funk sounds with world music and hard rock into a celebration of musical exploration. I like this disc a lot – and if you give it a chance, you probably will, too"
Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

A chemical / emotional experiment based on the introduction of PILGRIM SPEAKEASY music to random ears was carried out, the results are as follows:

"your music's fucking genius ! reminded me a bit of funkadelic, awesome stuff  ~~  Funk-rock WITHOUT seams? I guess we have it now! You can really do that classic rock and retro funk sound without sounding forced or fake! Keep rockin, and keep progressing :-D Stay up  ~~  Man, this slightly hybidized stuff you do really works! I find myself in many different places, landscapes, listening to these pieces, and that's always a very interesting function of good music.  ~~  You've got the soul! Intoxicating stuff.!  ~~  beautifull original music!!!!   ~~   Tight tunes, that's some raw originality fella.  ~~  You've got that classic experimental space prog that's been missing (all as compiled from Pilgrim Speakeasy’s website)

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