Sunday, April 24, 2011

VINCE FALZONE - Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Guitarist

Vince Falzone does it all: writing, arranging, singing, instrumentation and producing, this BMI & SAG - affiliated songwriter brings music that lasts in listener's minds. Since the release of his debut album Who's That in 1993, Vince has released Nine albums to date with sales sold worldwide (Australia, Denmark, Europe, France, Japan, and the United States) direct to his fans via the web, and currently is working on his 10th project Vortex. 

Influenced by the songwriting style of Paul McCartney and Sting, and growing up listening to groups like Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Van Halen, Vince developed his own unique style of music. He combines spare, offbeat rock hooks with melodic pop melody, bringing audiences an enjoyable refreshing musical experience.

Since 2003, Vince has been performing live at various venues and events in Europe and Southern California.

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