Saturday, April 23, 2011

LEE NEGIN interviews @ Pluto Radio - Coming soon!

Greetings All,  I hope you are all well and happy.  I uploaded a new video, "Dream Time," my second collaboration with Swiss Shamanic artist Seelenflug. Please check it out, click on "like," and leave a lovely comment

I now have a page on, a Wikipedia style guide to international psychedelic music

My new CD, "Hungry Ghosts" continues to get very positive reviews and international radio airplay. In the latest review in Music Connection magazine (April Issue), the reviewer said,

"Hearing this artist's expertly produced work is to experience a vision aimed beyond the realm of pop.  ...Negin never offers the same sound twice, employing singers as ensemble instruments and working with sounds in a way that reminds us at times of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Wendy Carlos."
- Music Connection Magazine, April 2011 -

I just completed 2 lengthy interviews with Pluto Radio and SonicTribe, that will air soon--probably starting in May. Stay tuned  Lastly, my tracks continue to ride high on international charts. "The Saga of Cheeze" from "Hungry Ghosts" is Number One on Maemeeti's international Indie Dance/Nu Disco Chart, while "Mandala 1," my music video soundtrack is ranked at Number 2.  Meanwhile, on Maemeeti's "Lounge/Ambient/Chill Out chart, "Mandala 2" another of my soundtracks, is ranked at Number 2 in the world  On Reverb Nation's Electro/Dance Chart, "The Saga of Cheeze" is Number 2 in Korea.

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I wish you all a lovely Spring! I am very grateful for your continued support and friendship. I hope my music and videos bring you a moment (or more) of peace and joy.

Best wishes,
Lee Negin