Saturday, April 9, 2011

THE GRAND ASTORIA - Timeless Rock!

"A very Psychedelic Stoner rock meets classic Hard Rock group... The Psychedelia comes in the form of a early 70's punkish, garage attitude but its brilliantly blended with some great fuzzy guitar work through some really long extended instrumental jams and Psychedelic musical trips... The album kicks off with a 14 minute or around that length, melodic instrumental titled 'Enjoy The View'. Along with some great cruising laid back Psychedelic atmosphere, the track slowly climbs and is always building and forever gaining in the fuzz department, there is some truly spectacular guitar work in the track. The tune's atmosphere is also enhanced by some Russian spoken word samples that sound like astronauts reporting their findings back to planet earth……

The feeling I get is this band must really kick ass live. The songs have a live jamming quality which is perfect for live performances and this band really know their way around a guitar. This is one of those albums that is easy listening at any time of the day or night but it also rocks hard in places and the fuzz-based sound is unique for a Russian band...

There is a lot to be said for writing quality songs that will stand the test of time and The Grand Astoria have got that covered. Rather than showing off or kicking musical ass just to sound heavy, this band write songs that are already within the realms of timeless rock. Half instrumental, half with vocals but all solid, this is worth checking out. (Score: 8.5/10)"

– by Ed Barnard of Doommantia (USA) (July 2010) (as compiled from the bands website).

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