Friday, April 29, 2011

HEAVY WATER EXPERIMENTS - Thunderous Stoner rock

Striving beyond retro-revivalism toward any and all sounds avant-psychedelic, Heavy Water Experiments dares originality and eclecticism. From mellow and acoustic to heavy and dark, from ethereal psych folk to thunderous stoner rock, HWE achieves an atypical confluence of mainstream and experimentation. Classic rock influences may abound, but so many media voices have never drawn comparisons to the same artists or group of artists—at least some testament to HWE’s uniqueness.
To date, the band has toured the US, the UK (twice), Holland, and Belgium. In and around Los Angeles, the band has played a wide range of venues from Spaceland, The House of Blues, and The Viper Room to more acoustic-oriented venues like The Hotel Cafe, which culminated in being chosen as one of Amoeba Records' local picks and a more recent write-up in OC Weekly.
The band is fronted by singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, and producer David Melbye, an LA native whose past bands/projects include Ludivine, Fuzz Beloved, and Zanzibar. His creative/artistic partner Roberto Salguero, originally from El Salvador, plays drums and percussion (compiled from the bands website).

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